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The scent of death hung in the air, as the village laid quietly mourning the deaths of their fair and righteous rulers, King Edvard and Queen Miriel, as well as the deaths of the beloved Cursair family.

Dear Elanor and Valandil, they were always so kind to everyone no matter their status, and their daughter, oh wasn't she a dear. The sweet eleven year old was nowhere to be found after the deaths of her parents and assumed dead. The connection between the deaths could not be found for nobody was ever told of the little Laurelin's life changing decision.

You see five years prior to these deaths six year old Laurelin was named the next ruler of Cidia, but only herself, her parents, the present King and Queen and four trusted witnesses were told of this development. Not even Laurelin's betrothed's family was told.

Just telling them would have saved many deaths and righted many wrongs. While I embark on this journey of telling this story that effected many lives you will learn that the maids know everything.


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