I was planning on going back to the group. I was just planning on being really slow about it. Though it turns out that I wasn't to get back to the group for longer then I expected.

You see there was a bump… then a crash… then everything went black. So obviously it wasn't my fault. Really it was that man who is sitting beside this bed that I'm laying in. How did I get here? Oww! Just thinking was making my head hurt.

The man must have heard my moans of pain because he turned toward me with a look of worry in his eyes. Green eyes that I have seen before but can't recognize, The Prince.

"Are you alright? I'm frightfully sorry! I wasn't looking where I was going!" When he got more moans for an answer he started to panic. "I should have called for a doctor! Stay right here! Don't move!" He must have realized how stupid that sounded because he turned back around and corrected himself. "I take that back seeing as you couldn't possibly move, you're in too much pain! Well… um… DOCTOR! I'm getting the doctor!"


The doctors pronounced me fine just a little battered and bruised, saying I would be fine with just a little rest and nourishment I would be fine. Of which I would be getting much of back at the Inn. You see Giselle and Estella won't be very happy with me for abandoning Mistress Giselle on the tour "unchaperoned" because she has so much need of chaperoning with all those guys that throwing themselves at her.

All this worrying was for naught though when the doctor left The Prince and I alone. Which lead to the decision of me staying at the castle for a while. It's not my fault though! He can be very insistent when he wants to be. And in my "fragile" condition he couldn't help but insist on my staying under the watchful eyes not only four doctors but also The Prince himself. I tried, believe me, I tried to get away from here cause if I didn't I would feel it on my back later, but even with my whole fourteen and a half minute long speech explaining that I was simply a servant (that's where I gestured to my raggedy clothes). The thing that drives me most crazy though was his simple reply. "We'll get you some new ones."

So here I am now. Standing up with a pounding headache getting measurements for a whole new wardrobe. I don't even know why! And every time I ask The Prince why I'm getting treated like this he just does this little half smile, half smirk on his face that's so cute! Wait did I just say it was cute? It's not cute; it's completely and utterly infuriating and makes me want to slaughter him!

So let's say that one time when I got really upset and I threw my book at him. So now let's say it was a very large and heavy book that is so big you would only expect to see it in The Royal library, which is where we would hypothetically be standing. So now let's say that, that book that is flying through the air towards a certain Prince's head suddenly stopped, and let's say that that prince might have stopped it with a few words that I happened to know, and along with those words the counter spell. So we're saying I was really angry right now and wasn't thinking straight and with a whole lot of force behind it might have said a few words that sounded a whole lot like "Pur ma janat" and being so startled by my outburst he kind of stopped holding his own spell and it did just what I told it to. It flew to his face, and right into it giving him a black eye and a bloody nose.

"Oh, my God! Are you all right? I didn't mean it! It just came out! And, I mean… are you alright?" That's the straight truth though I really didn't mean it. It just slipped out. I didn't even know I remembered any more spells, cause you would think after almost five years of not using magic in the least you would forget these things.

The Prince was still laying there on the floor moaning, probably a lot like I had done when he had slammed into me in the hall. " Well at least were even now." It wasn't the answer I was expecting but in truth I hadn't known what to expect. What should someone say to you when they found out that a poor maid is also powerful in the area of magic!

I think he did know that now we really needed to talk and I don't think I have grasped the whole idea of being put out into the open. Of being vulnerable to someone, who might want to harm me. That's something I have spent the last five trying to avoid and in two seconds made it all for nothing. All those lies I lived and told, all the hurt feelings of not only all my friends but myself as well. My heart broke and no one was there that knew why, no one could have helped me. All that pain seemed to have come back in those three powerful words.

When he had gotten himself up he grabbed me lightly by the arm and lead me to a large private library with books covering the walls from floor to ceiling everywhere except for where the fireplace stood. Situating himself on a large soft looking chair and gestured for me to move to the other across from it. I hadn't realized how large and soft the chair was for when I gently sat my self down in it; I sank about a foot and felt the plush velvet embrace my skin, it felt like heaven. I didn't know you could get that feeling from a chair.

He sat still staring at the fire, then at me, than back at the fire with a puzzled expression on his face. "What's your name?" He suddenly asked and I realized we hadn't even said that to each other.

"Lin." I curtly replied. "Yours?"

"Anarion. Anarion Turin."

Something about that name was bothering me. And with his strange eyes I couldn't help feeling I was missing something. Nothing in his voice betrayed him, he sounded calm and collected just as he should have. But there was something…

He looked at me with a strange look in those strange eyes. A look of curiosity yet a look of understanding. Opening his mouth, he stopped, considered something and than spoke. "Why were you here, now and just in general?"

"As I said my mistress, Giselle, is here for the balls. And while she was touring the castle I had to go to the bath room and lost the group."

"So there was no other reason?" He asked cautiously.

"No! I haven't been to Prain in years," suddenly I lost my voice so that all that came out was simply a mumble. "Since my parents died." Looking down I felt the tears beginning to form. I didn't want to cry, the farthest thing from it actually but just the topic of my parents and even this city in general make me remember. Remember all that I lost and all that I left behind.


Nothing else really happened after my scene full of tears in the library. I could tell my tears made him uncomfortable just by his meager attempts at comforting me. When the tears subsided I simply left the room with a simple good night. But I didn't actually go to bed. I couldn't with all the thoughts running through my head. I kept thinking about what would have happened if I hadn't left. Who I would have lived with and if someone would have gone after me too. And with the thought, why do his eyes make me remember the marketplace? I fell into a night or morning rather of sleep.


Smiling the little girl raced away from her mother and into her favorite bakery, hoping for one of the most delicious cinnamon buns ever made, just like every Saturday. Chasing after her daughter at a more leisurely pace Elanor would stop and greet people, and simply smile at everyone else. They all knew she is and she knew most of them by name, occupation, and personality. It was just in here nature and her daughters as well.

"Oh no! Laurelin! You're too late! I just sold my last bun, I didn't think you were coming!" Cried the man covered in flour.

"Val! I know you didn't! You say that every week!" The brown haired girl cries, this had been going on for six years and even now at age nine she still played along.

"Oh, why look at this maybe there is one more way down here in the back." He replied reaching into the huge brick ovens to retrieve a bun. Smiling she took it and happily but slowly devoured it savoring every last bit.

The bell to the bakery rang and in walked a beautiful women and a young boy that looked to be her son. The women greeted each other fondly and a conversation started. It lasted but a few minutes but the girl never found out the topic because she was staring so intently toward the boy. A boy with mesmerizing eyes, who was also staring at her in return.


The next week passed slowly, Lin didn't see The Prince at all. She was informed that he was busy with studies and training.

"It's hard work being a prince you know," They all replied.

And so the week went on, boring and long. She spent much of her time in the library now that she was recovering at a rapid pace. Making it so that she was proclaimed to be in completely perfect health by all four doctors. Deciding it was best to wait a few more days before returning to her mistresses, now that she was here anyway. The fact that she wanted to bid Anarion… The Prince good-bye also helped unknowingly make that decision even thought she was in complete denial.

A day later the prince came for the first time. Something seemed off about him, almost nervous but not quite. It was an emotion she had never seen in anyone, let alone him. Walking into the room, he saw a small bag sitting on the bed filled with her most important possessions, while all of her new dresses hung in her closet.

"Are you not taking the dresses?" He asked, partly to brake the silence and partly because he really wanted to know.

"No, as I have said before I have no need or place to where them. I am but a simple maid. Remember?" Her voice was colder than she had wanted and she had seen him visibly flinch at the tone. She couldn't help it she was frustrated at him. He hadn't done anything necessarily; it was just that dream had been bothering her. Why would she remember it out of all the Saturdays she had spent in that bakery?

"Lin, I have a question to ask you…"

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