Wolf, chapter 1- New moon.

Lying on the solid concrete on the patio in the garden. I lay just out of reach of the stars. Maybe if I tried hard enough I could grab them but my arms were not long enough. Maybe it was time to consider that reality was fairly boring.

As I continued staring at the stars, I noticed something. A cloud. A white one. At night? What could possibly make a cloud white at night. It was the new moon. No possibility of that satellite to light it up. Then what was it!?

There was a flash. BANG! Right in front of my leg a lightning bolt had struck! WHAT! It wasn't the right conditions for a lightning storm. The air was dry, and it was a freezing cold night. So how could there be lightning! BANG! BANG BANG BANG! Another few smacks of lightning on the patio! How could this happen. What is going on? I stared, at the cloud. It had morphed into my face. The face had glasses, long hair and perfect symmetry. This was not right. Then it changed. Slowly it became the face of a wolf! An amazingly evil looking wolf, and it changed again. Into many wolves. This time it had my friends on the clouds. They weren't my friends anymore on that cloud. They were trying to kill us.

Us. By us it meant that there was something going on. And many other people had been changed. FLASH! There I lay. To what seemed to be dead. But I woke up the next morning to find myself in my bedroom. There was a full moon outside. I thought then. WAIT A MINUTE! It had been a new moon last night! How could there be a full moon outside. Had I been dreaming. Or did something really happen that night. I needed a walk.

I got up, dressed myself, and washed. I opened the door to my house. Left. And slammed it shut. Me, the thirteen-year-old boy that I was, plodded down the street to find people staring at me. I walked over to one of the civilians to ask why they were staring at me. But the response I got was…


The next thing I knew, I was running from the crowd of people! There they were. My friends just like in the cloud I saw in, what seemed to be, a dream. And there the others were. The wolves I could see them. But I was normal. Why? Why were they chasing me? I didn't look like a wolf. But I looked back to the cloud. And then I remembered. I could see me! I was running from everyone. I looked normal. Normal. Normal! I stopped. And yelled!


I woke again, This time on the side street. I had many cuts and bruises. And I found all the wolves that I'd been running with dead. On the street I was the only survivor. I was the only survivor out of all of the wolves. I headed home. But I didn't get a warm welcome. I got a boot up the face by my mom. She kicked me out the house. I felt rejected. I felt lonely. I felt unhappy. I felt confused. Maybe it was time to consider that reality was fairly difficult.

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