Peace. It can mean so many things to so many people. To one person, it might mean the absents of war, pain, and suffering. To another, simply a quiet place where no one might disturb them. Peace really is different to each individual. Now I'll ask you to sit back and look at your own definition of peace. Do you, as so many Americans, see peace as a lack of war? I cannot say I do. It seems ironic even to me that we 'fight for peace,' but we do. The struggle that our men and women go through every day in Afghanistan and Iraq is beyond comprehension to most. Yes, I am included, but that doesn't mean I can't support their commitment to their work. They are, without a doubt, worthy of it.

Too many times I have turned on the television to hear only negative commentary from the newscasters and quite frankly I'm growing weary of it. Our troops are giving their lives for this country's safety and for the lives of those Iraqis so they might learn what freedom is and learn that it is possible to enjoy a life without looking over your shoulder in fear of a wrong move. In fear that their leader will take them and their families and torture them slowly before death. Our men and women of the military are brave and should be honoured for what they do. To have the American media – or any media for that matter – say otherwise is absolutely disgraceful. It is in bad taste for them to sit in their luxury and batter down the troops' moral. I thank God in heaven that they have more sense than to listen to them. I spoke with a friend recently on the matter and he assured me that, at least within his cousin's group in Iraq, that they ignored all of the bull that the media puts out.

Having not been in the military and probably not able to for various reasons, I do support them. That is more than I can say for Ms. Cindy Sheehan. She stands out there and disgraces her son. That man died a heroic death and paid with his life to protect men and women and children that he didn't know. In my book, that's heroism. But, of course, she is exhausted to a high position of perfection as she puts up her protest outside of Bush's home in Crawford, Texas. Does this woman not realize just how demeaning it is to her son's memory? Does she not realize that she is telling the world that he has died for nothing if America pulls out now? He, and others like him, have died for a cause they had volunteered for. They died to save other's lives and to show them what freedom is. It was their choice, and a brave one at that. I commend them, and so do many others. But apparently this woman, this soldier's own mother, does not. She would rather sit back in the safety of America and scream at President Bush about how she hates this war and how those soldiers must come home. And if that weren't bad enough, Larry Northern is made out to be the villain in it all. "Crosses vandalized at anti-war mom's campsite," reads MSNBC's headline. Vandalized… strong word there. Mr. Northern, people fail to comment on, was a Vietnam veteran that nearly died. While in Vietnam his jugular was cut and he was only saved by the doctor that was close by and slapped a hand over him to stop the bleeding. I'd say he is rated up there with the heros, not some psycho that decided to mow over crosses for kicks. (It might also be noted that some mothers of the heros that died over in Iraq wished for their children's names to be taken off of the crosses because they didn't agree.)

Peace can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Speaking for myself, I see it in the far, distant future. I see a place that is safe and a place that is well, much unlike our sick, perverse world today. I see a place that will be a better future. But we must fight for that future today, not losing sight of it as our men and women fall. Not blaming our president who is down on his knees daily for us, hoping and praying for the best. Instead, if you must find someone to blame, blame those that cause it. Blame the Sadams of the world. Blame the Osama bin Ladens of the world. Those are the men that cause this. Those are the men that we fight against and that our brave soldiers die fighting against. If you must blame someone, put the blame on the correct person and strive even harder to finish what we started fully. Ms. Sheehan only causes heartache by what she does. She stirs up needless troubles with her screaming and yelling. Though, still saying this, she has a right to her freedom of speech, no matter how disgraceful it is to her son, to those that died, and to America. Strive for the peace that will come and do not lose sight. We will make it. Yes, others will die, but they give their lives for you, for me, and for those that we have never met. May they be blessed for the service they do.

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