Well go ahead and say it , that's all you people do is criticise our kind.

So you think we are crazy, well fuck you, cause that's all you doin is thinkin.

You don't know how we live our dreadful lives, you just think you can view our looks

and say what the fuck you want to say without know'in anything about us.

You think you can make us alter from our previous behavior, Hell no !

You can't. Go ahead and put us in your penitentiary center and Inject that fucking

medication Into us, It won't make us any damn better than now, we are not born as

Insane bitches, we chose to be what we want to fuckin be and do what we want to

do. You can't tell us how to live and act your way of life. It's our way of life.

It's our own style of our prerogative, we are not so different, were just want to be

unique from normal people that are control by life. Just treat us with respect and

and leave us the hell alone then we semi-promise that we won't start trouble.

So just do what we say or we will remain so cruelly Insane, Hell yeah, bitchez...!

Isanely yours, Jared rock AKA Pain Master


we were not your typical teenagers just behaving bad and shit, you see we had a purpose for life, but we could not figure it out yet. We had no parents nor guardians that cared about are crazy asses, we had no guide of life, no permenant home to stay, no good clothing, no instuctors to control are life. We were your free teens of life doing what ever we wanted to do, but this shit was hard living on are own cause it was hard surviving in this real world that had so much control. there were ten of us, we were like a teen family looking out for eachother for a daily routine for survival of this hard tough world that tried to crush us into fatal peices. we lived in this underground cave near this beach by this abandonned warehouse nearby. we started decorating this shit to make it look like a home so we could feel confortable in this thang. we would go out and lurk for throwaway materials and goods like old couches, wooden chairs, mattresses, cover sheets, wood for fire starting and much more shit we needed to start our own freaky crib. sometimes we had no food to eat, which we starved, but most times we would search dumps and garbages for threwaway food, or if we did not find food there, we would risk our independence by going into local corner stores and steal canned goods, electric devices, junk food, clothing and toothbrushes, but we would never get caught in out daily acts cause we were smart, slick ass crazy teens who knew how to not get caught even if there were sercurity cameras up in those stores. we mostly slept in the day, but to us nite meant time to burst out into our freedom time. we would hit rave parties or clubs even though we were under age teens. late nite , early morning like around 3:am we would do crazy shit like run around the beach naked and jump in the water splashing at eachother, yelling and screaming cause of that cold ass freezing water popping on our nude bodies in the water. some of us were just chillaxin in the sand listening to music, reading books by the fire or just resting our eyes for moments. late nite was our favorite part of the 24/7 day, cause there were really no one out this late, everyone were usually at home sleeping or just away from our kind which we had pure liberty all fuckin nite long. it was are desire to just have a blast in life without no damn rules advising us what to do in life. we did not need to be crazy and poor, we were not really homeless cause we had a shelter place for us in our underground cave that no one knew about , but us. At times we felt lonely and dead, but we just help eachother through times and reminisced on how we got here and If we wanted to enter our previous life that we hated and we thought hell no, we won't go. We were not happy leaving like poverty survivors, but we were glad cause we all had a relation to stay together and be free on our own style of life. People thought we had no life but to just have fun all damn day, but our everyday life was not just about fun, sometimes we had to risk our independence to survive are freedom life. we were not your fake wanna be crazy, Insane teens, we were the real experienced crazy teens that had to do real daily surviving activities to keep our teen Independence of our style of life. WE WERE REAL INSANE !


We all met eachother by bad experiences of life which we all bacame a big bad teen family.

well I was the oldest of the insane grony, they called me pain master because I could master all of my pain effects, times I would go through pain, you could never tell If It was hurting me cause I would never show how I felt to any of my problems. I could had been smiling all day long and would be mad as fuck about something that pissed me off. I was 16 years old, tall, lean with long ass dark red hair with six tatoo's already surrounding my body. I became " INSANE" at the age of 14 and I was glad when I was finally free from the crusial controlling world. I never really had any parents , my real parents abandonned me at the tender age of 4, but then I entered the process: foster homes, I was a real bad ass kid. I had been kick out of nearly 20 foster homes and sent to others to the point I just ranned away and became Insane. I was living a poverty life for nearly 2 years, but then I got the hang of It and knew how to handle this process of surviving poverty life.

I use to have these two best friends that I really loved as friends, but It turned upside down when they both wanted to enter back in the system, which I could not go back in that damn system, so they left me which I became a solo survivor. At times during my early poverty years, I cried so extensive of times that crying was my routine at nite living on the unprotected streets knowing no one cared about me, but then I notice crying was not helping my scary ass, so I decided to quit that crying game and play something more Interesting. Which I became a compulsive cutter, I would cut myself real deep til I felt the pain to cry, but I would hold the pain for a moment so the tears would not come out of me, which meant I could handle any type of pain I faced in life. Cutting became my everyday activity which made me feel good to handle my pain inside of me without showing any effect of my problems. By the age of 14, I had nearly cut myself about 550 times. At times I felt I was going to die instantly, but It came to a surprise that I could handle all of my pain.

Which two years later I decided to start this family of teens going through pain which I became the leader of this grony, which our mission was to survive life, but still do what we wanted to do without any instructions from no one, I mean no fucking one. Our pain tried to get the best of us and even tried to control us, but our tears faught the pain so we could continue to survive life our way.



Now it's time for you to enter our world in our style. Today was friday afternoon at( five) 5:am. we were all awoke now, some of getting some breakfast, some going to shower there self in the water, some watching T.V on our brand-new portable T.v set that Tiko had stole last week at a rave party. I just walked out the cave, yarning all loud, stretching my arms in the windy air blowing my direction. something was weird when I heard the noises of the wind, It was a noise I had never heard before in my life. I ranned back in the cave and pushed Tiko at the way in front of the T.V set, turned to the weather channel. " Ah, fuck..., A tropical storm is headed our way, damn... " I said. We were all planning to hit the west side of town so we could lurk for more materials for our home and we needed wood really bad, cause we had nothing to start fire for the cold at nite. The weather reporter said that the storm would be here in about 1hour, popin in and out in time til nite. " why you did that, jared, that was so fucking mean, gosh..." said passion aka Hidden pain.

" well excuse the fuck out of me, I'm sorry that I care for us that I had to see the weather channel to see what time the storm was coming ". I said in speed. " damn, there's a storm coming, shit !, we can't go to the rave party later ". said passion. I just look at her like she more crazy than the rest of us. " are you serious, my god, passion, there's a storm coming in like an hour and all you are worried about is a damn party, grow the fuck up, we need wood and shit..., we need food or tonite were going to be livin in a cruel hell ". I said.

" what ever, you still have like a hour, my god..., youre panicing for nothing, we had a storm before, dumb ass " she said. " yea, but last time we had some fuckin wood and food..., and a hour won't be enough to walk all the way over there and back here...dumb ass, just shut your mouth and think before you talk out your ass " I said in a anger way. we just stared at eachother like we wanted to kill eachother so bad that we wanted to kill the other person, then bring them back alive then laugh in there face and kill them again.

You see passion was one of the youngest girls of the group, she was 14, had short curley black hair with dark blue eyes that when she looked at you with a upset attitude, it just made you scared of her and she looked like the devil's daughter with fuck up eyes. me and passion never really got alone, we always got into some kind of disagreement which ended up in a cold conflict, she was just a little small girl that had such a annoying bitchy attitude problem that got on my fucken nerves like every fucking day.

" both of you shut the fuck up. we won't solve anything by you two fighting all the fucking time, just chill the fuck out and don't worry, we'll work something out like we always do, understand you two ? "...well" said Jada AKA Tough bitch. " , just stay away from me Jared" said passion, then walking away to the back of the cave. " yeah, Jada " I replied. " fine now let's all work something out " said Jada.

Jada was like the mother of our teen family, she always handle all the problems and made the youger teens feel though she was only two months younger than me, she acted like the oldest. Jada was tall, slim, had very short frinzey hair that just made everyone want to look at her, Jada was the type who did not give a fuck what people thought of her, long as she was okay how she felt about something, she was totally satisfied with her choices in life. Jada was a very smart girl, sometimes I wonder how she became " insane " one of us, I just thought she had experience similar problems like us, but It was weird cause Jada never told us what her problems were and how she got to be one of us freedom teens. so we all felt curious and wonder If oneday she would tell us the truth how she became Insane. It was her whisper that we just felt suspence upon her, but we could not hear the whisper in our minds that told us that Jada was hiding a dark secret from us. IT was a SILENT WHIPER !


We were now about 45 minutes away from the tropical storm coming our way.

everyone was now inside the cave as Jada told everyone what we should do to prepare for the storm.

" okay, Jared, Tiko and X, ya go find some wood while me, passion and chase go looking for some food.

Loli, Lil D,Kane and Krist stay here and try searching for stuff around the beach, we all need to be back in the C (cave) In twenty minutes, okay everybody ." said Jada. " I'm fine wit that ." said Tiko," sure." said chase. " okay." said krist and Lil D at the same time. " What ever, yea." said Kane. " Fo sho." said X.

" yep." said Loli. " so lets do the damn thang." I said. But like alway's trouble started with passion's bitchy attitude." hell no, ya some stupid ass kids, ya fukin serious,ha..., I'm going to that rave party ." said in a demanding way,Passion. " you are being such a bitch rite now, damn how bitchy can yo ass be." I yelled at her. " Stop it, Jared. Let her make her own choice, we can't tell her what to do, If she want's to go to the rave, let her, but we are not responsible on how she get's her ass back here". said in a patiently way,Jada.

" thank you for finally understanding me, I'll be back as soon possible, don't trip, I promise ". said passion.

So we all went where we were suppose to go, except passion's dumb ass. She think's she so damn right about everything, one day will come when her stupid ass will learn a fuckin lesson to do what we tell her ass to do because we care, but til then, that's on her dumb ass. So me, Tiko and X went to the west side uptown to get us some wood. we stop at the nearest park and started grabbing some wood hand by hand picking it up off the ground in the grass. As me and X were side by side, I turned around and saw tiko talking to some tall ass, thug looking guy, liking he was a hustler trying to sell tiko something ,wearing this heavy, dark black coat then opened it while Tiko was just starring at something with a smile. he then got closer .

" what the hell is tiko fucking doing, shit we gotta hurry up and go back to the C." said X.

Tiko then turned and smiled at me, while I just nodded my head like he was stupid to smile at me.

I gave X all my wood and told X to go back to the C while I go handle Tiko. " what the fuck is wrong with you,Bro, are you fucking dumb or just have no money for this man " as I grabbed Tiko's arm real tight telling at him with a anger caring face. " I was just lookin at it, damn, jared " he said in a sad way.

" I don't care,Tiko, were on a dead line here, we have to get back to the C.". Oh yeah, The C was are code so no one would know where we lived at. " now let's go ."I said in speed." ." you can't tell him what to do, leave the kid alone, there's other way's he can purchase these items ." said the Thug guy. Then I got really pissed off when he said that, but Tiko was kind slow which he didn't know what that meant, but I did. Then the man had the nerve to smile at Tiko. So I took a Peice of wood from Tiko's hand and slammed it right in that guy's fucking mouth and punch his ass straight to the mothafuckin ground, kick his back so drastic and then yelled at him," buddy, don't you ever say that shit to a kid again, you out yo fuckin mind, you fucked with the wrong damn teens, were fuckin insane,bitch ! ". I yelled all up in his face. Then me and tiko stole some of his cheap as merchandise in his stank ass coat he had on. then I saw two police offercers headed our way. " let's go now, tiko, run ! ". I said in a hurry to get away from the cops. We then got back in time at the C, entering the C running out of breath. " what the fuck happen with you two ." said Jada. " Tiko...,talking to this thug guy...,hustler...then the man talking shit...wup his ass...and popo's came running." I said nearly out of breath. " damn, what the hell is wrong with you tiko, damn you're always get into some kind of damn trouble, and Jared you did not have to get involve in physical contact with this guy." she said all obnoxiously. " it wasn't my fault, damn, jada don't get mad at me. the jerk was talking slick about tiko" I said in a respond. " what ever, I'm not mad, it's just your'e the oldest, you should be a leader " she said.

" fine if you would stop being a cautions freak all the damn time " I said. " both of you quit it, we don't need this fussing right now, remember there's a storm coming in about 10 minutes " said loli.

"she's right. let's just stop it and prepare for the storm ". Jada said in a calm way. " yea, look I'm sorry Jada ,Your'e right I should be a leader and act like the oldest , okay." I said in an apoligizing way. " It's fine, your'e right also, I should stop being a cautions freak." she said. " sometimes I meant, we love when you are kind of overprotecting us, but just do it when we really need it". I said smiling. " sure,Jared,,,,,,,,youre so dumb ". she said with a smile then laughter. We all then prepared for the storm, me and the boy's started up the fire while the girl's got the food ready for later which was alot of chips, canned beans, candy,apples, turkey meat and leftover bread from two day's ago and some water bottles we stole from the were all prepared for this joy of a storm, but we just kept worrying about passion and would she be back before the storm. Sometimes when It rains, It seems water isn't dripping all the time, In fact we see our blood dripping from the sky, telling us something we don't want to hear or BLOOD DRIPPING


The storm was pounding on the top of the cave and the thunder just burst out unpredictable at times.

But we all felt protected from it. we all surrounded the small t.v set we had ,while eating up some turkey sandwiches that Jada had made for us. we all felt so warm with the fire nearby. The storm had lasted for like five damn hours, shit that was so fucking long we thought. It was now 9:30 at nite and we thinkin where the fuck is passion, we were so damn worried about her ass. chase,loli,tiko,X and Lil-D were sound asleep in the back of the cave on there mattreses tuck in with there warm cover. While Kane was still watching T.V and me and Jada were just wide awake waiting for passion to get her ass back at the C. Then comes passion all soak and wet from head to toe all smiling and shit. " hey, ya. ya waited up for me, how sweet, but ya can go to sleep now " said passion while taking off her wet shirt. " where the fuck were you, we were so damn worried about yo stupid ass". I yelled at her. " I told ya not to worry about me, shit and that's none of yo fuckin bussiness, Jared " she yelled back. " both of you just stop, Tiko and them are sleeping, have some respect, look Jared just go to sleep, I'll deal with Jada. " yeah, take yo ass to sleep ". passion said. " stop it this instant, he's right we were worried about you and this has to stop now". said Jada.

" look, Jada, look, one:you are not my mother, I had a mother okay, two: you don't tell what to do, three: I told ya not to worry and I would be fine, now all of a sudden your'e mad,, I'm a big girl that can handle herself when she feel's like it " said in a demanding way: passion. " so now you think you are a big girl " said Jada. " I know i'm a big girl " said with an atttitude: passion. " just shut up,passion, we all care for you, so you want to go out to rave's and do drugs, that's fine, but just remember who your real friends are, my dear, those crackheads you hang with do not give ah fuck how you feel and they don't care about your dumbass just walking up in those rave parties thinkin they're your'e real friends, remember there's a thin line between real friends and friends that are just there for you in certain times, trust me,passion, i have been on that damn line over and over again " said Jada. " well that's not my fault you never had real friends that cared about you, maybe if you were not so damn protecting and acting like everyone's damn mother, you would have real friends, is that how you became one of us, because you did'nt have any real friends that cared about you,ha " said in a careless way: passion. then that's when Jada then gave passion this loud slap that everyone heard around the just got real fucking mad, I mean we never ever saw this side of jada's attitude " NO, shut up..." yelled in a mad anger way:Jada. she yelled so hard that It woke everybody in the cave up, we all ranned to the front of the C to see what was going on with Jada and passion. we all just stood right by the corner sneaking to see what was going to happen next. " don't you ever talk to me like that again, I'm trying to help your ass out and all you do is bitch all fucking day long, I'm sick of this shit, now you listen to me, bitch, you don't know me, you know nothing about my past life, so don't you dare accuse a reason why i'm here, We did not chose to live this life at the begining, but we chose to make our own style of life, I had to deal with bitches like you my whole life as a little girl, but you see my ass survived, we might not be your real family, but we are the only family you fucking have right now and If you keep doing the things you do, one day we won't be there for you when you truly need us, so you better shape up your attitude or you can just leave, you don't have to be insane, go back to the normal controlling world and hitch back in the system, cause we don't need you,espeacially your bitchy attitude, So one: have respect for us or leave, two: do what the fuck you want to do, but don't let it effect us, and three: you don't fuckin know me.", so don't say what you don't fuckin know." said in a anger attitude: Jada like never before. then Jada just walked out the cave, passion went to the back of the cage holding her face, while the rest of us were just in total shock of what we just witness a moment ago. This was real serious cause we had never saw Jada hit anyone, that was like the opposite of what Jada would do, she was totally against physical contact, passion must had really said something that got to Jada. I just thought about what Jada had said:" you don't know me". which had me thinkin was that the real Jada we just saw a moment ago with all that anger. If that was the real Jada then we would probally not see the "INSANE" Jada no more.