It's the fifth time you've left me in this room

Full of dying roses that you promised me once

The white hurts my eyes when you take pictures

But you don't seem to care

For all that triangles are the strongest shape

A line we know so well

For all that we built this one so well

I thought I had touched you then

That you had listened and responded

Imagine my sorrow

Imagine me

Laughing and feeling my heart slowly cut into pieces

I am the epitome of hysterical

On the inside

A little above where I like pink

And a little below where I decided to hate you

Broken Records and Scratched CDs

We throw them away

No need for broken things

Not here in the top 1 of the world

I. Don't. Need. You.

Although you wish I did.

Because you need me.

I named you Eradan.