Cirque du Soleil

A focused lens swivels

A spotlight blinding those who might be riding the tightrope today

A circus of displays disguised in the guise of learning

And someone might think this was school in the way that children leapt about in carefully displayed enthusiasm

But not in the way her entire being traced the kapla blocks

Concentration poised at the end of her fingertips

Lips pursed as she sought to avoid the disturbances of fun

She preferred the delicately placed trees

And the quiet of perfect resentment

Held in the burning hollow of her throat

She tried to build a wall of her kapla blocks to shut out the world but the spotlight glared at her and twitters of words seeped out of the shadows

The child-demons danced as close as they dared to with her aura screaming tension and perhaps hate

Their murderous attentions could not be help for long

Other predators less protective of their creations called them-blood in the water-and the sharks are always hungry

She is zealously watching and adding…refining

Our entire world was a marble in her palm being shaped to something worthy of interest and intent to keep the characters at bay

The painted faces and Gucci handbags faded in and out from the shadow-curtain of popularity

The clowns aren't supposed to come 'til 5 when not even the spotlight speaks among the frozen machines, a diminished fairground

But she wipes that all away with a toss of her hair and refuses to let time hold her art hostage

She forgets she is not immortal in the grand scheme of things

She forgets time cannot be molded in her hands as so many others have used money to do

She forgets there is time where all things must end, as all things are apt to do

The spotlight dims and the shadows reach closer amidst the avid applause spawned of human horror

And the touch of boredom strokes the 4 o'clock bell in slow toll

Scintillating waterfall of screams pierce the hearts of the damned

As the display disguised in the guise of pride falls down to gravity's mercy

Time sneaks by, outside of her grasp and futilely she snatches at time's heels and flying kapla blocks


London Bridge is falling down…