Tearing, ripping, biting, killing,

Deep inside me, I am lost.

These voices scream inside my head,

And in those walls, there I am tossed.

I'm jerked along the borderlines,

Between two very different realms,

Pitted against themselves in war,

And leave me standing at the helm.

One side of me wants to give in,

To the pressure pounding on my skull.

My mind was once so sharp and bright,

But now this feeling's made it dull.

When I am numbing to this pain,

It sharpens, growing ten times worse.

The pretty light is blinding me.

I have been labled as one cursed.

That light is artificial, fake,

Conforms at its inhabitants' will.

I know this—I have known it long,

But I want to join them in it still.

The evil bask in their own light,

While I am locked up in this dark,

An outcast, prisoner of their cause,

Obtaining not a single spark.

I walk alone through crowded rooms,

A blankened look upon my face.

I hear them laugh—they laugh at me.

In all that joy, I have no place.

The faces here all look the same,

Anonymous, identical.

But they are masks that hide the truth,

As if preventing a spectacle.

We all know what is hiding there.

So how did it come to be me,

Marching alone, my sword in hand,

Spilling it out vocally?

It is denied that this exists,

Like I alone can feel this way.

So many more are hiding there,

Bout those "brave souls" have none to say.

They all lash out—they're killing me,

With armies much larger than mine.

A bloody pool is under me,

And on that pain I feel, they dine.

Their voices rising upon me,

Their actions confirm every word.

I won't be changed—they break me down,

Till I'm too weak to hold my sword.

Those seeking justice are first to fall,

And I've fallen hardest of all.