Where do you plan to go,

When your world turns upside-down?

Your cries echo in the silence,

But there's no one around.

You dove headfirst to "solitude,"

Came as a refugee.

You've fallen into crying,

And no one hears your pleas.

You dwell in your self-exile,

Hiding from us all in fear.

Now the monster is yourself,

And there's no one to save you here.

You're alone facing your demons.

They're tearing you apart.

Though an outsider could rescue you,

You've forced us to depart.

You scream for us as you run,

From the monster that is you.

We're too far gone to hear you;

There's just nothing we can do.

When the crows scatter your bones,

It comes as no great surprise.

You held it all inside you,

And it brought on your demise.

You pushed us all away,

So we couldn't save your life.

We could have made a diffrence,

Stopped your blood-coated knife.

Alone, you could not face yourself,

But we could stand that power.

You never understood that,

And I know the fault's not ours,

But now we stand bearing the guilt,

You left us at your death.

We found the will could not be changed,

Due to your dying breaths.

Someone is standing over you,

Telling us how good you were.

So how can you lie, casket closed,

While this deceit is uttered?

My hands are heavy with your blood,

Which no one else can see.

Although I did not murder you,

You'll be the death of me.

Now you have left us all alone.

Your monsters hunt us down.

We try to run away from it,

But there's no one else around.