I stood up. Pain no longer a part of my disheveled body. No aching melancholy striking the chords deep in my chest. No hunger snarled in my stomach, no throbbing was in my head. I opened my eyes; light, shape, and color began to play the image of the landscape unfolding before me.

Looking down at my body, I was still in my human form. I was wearing all white. I was not in my big nice pants or black shirt. Color was deprived of me, although it no longer felt important. Nothing felt important. But there was a reason to be here and it was pulling me earthbound just like it had been before when she called me back.

I was in her room- the one that wanted me. The window was hanging open, but no breeze I felt. No scent whipped my nose of exhaust, gases, or those cars. Her scent wasn't here but I was in her place. Something felt eerie, like I had done this before.

Turning around, I was startled at the sight. I was there. My still body was lying against her shoulder. Blood was dripping from the two of us, my dirty blood, the black blood of a demon. Why was I not in hell? Was that not where I was fated to go? That was not the message I was here to receive. That was not the duty for me to fulfill.

She looked so peaceful when she was asleep. Her eyes closed gently and her mouth painted with a small serene smile. I reached out and noticed my own hand had changed. The fingernails on my hand were trimmed and pleasant to the eye, like they were before they had been stained with my own demon blood. Reaching out to touch her, my fingers fell right through her face.

I was no longer solid. I didn't exist. I stepped back, shaking my head. She stirred and opened her eyes. Panic swarmed them, as there was a knocking on her door. Her eyes darted to my body and to her hands covered in blood.

"Kowasu?" she whispered to my body. I tried to walk into myself; maybe I would go back into that body. It was no use. I stood helpless, as she was flooded with fear. The knocking became more rapid.

"Just a minute!" she had chocked, tears brimming in her eyes again. The shock of my death had returned to her. Carefully, she laid my body down on the floor and looked around for an answer. None came and the door slowly opened.

Another human stood in the doorway, another inhabitant of her house. She could not see my body, for she merely closed the window and left the room. Completely missing the blood stained floor and human child and dead body. I smiled. This was how I had wanted it. I didn't want them to remember me. I was not theirs to take in to their hearts. None of them would have cared for me as an animal. Only she called me back, only to her would I return.

She looked down at my body and then walked through me and out the doorway. I followed. My silent figure hovering over her, she could not see me either. Down the stairs we went that she had carried me up that one night two days ago. In the garage, she pulled out a shovel. Her hands were not sure about the decision her mind had made; her movements were stiff and imprecise.

I followed her down the street I had walked every night, down to the forest further along the block. It was now late in the afternoon. Her shadow walked beside her, slinking along the sidewalk, so did I. I had become her shadow, though she wouldn't see me in it.

It took her a while to choose a place to stop, but her mind finally fell on the place barren except for one tree. I climbed up in it weightlessly, to watch her dig my final resting place, a place for my pain-stricken body to sleep eternally.

The shovel was heavy in her hands and sank easily into the fresh dirt. It had rained last night so the earth was easy to move. Dirt and dust began to dirty her more, combining with my blood to make her look nearly as dead as my body. She had never dug with a shovel before, her inexperience shown in the handling of the human tool.

Several hours later she was satisfied with her result. The hole was deep and comforting. Its darkness was luring me to it, the earth calling its long forgotten child. I needed to return to which I came from. I needed to sleep and regain my strength. She brushed a singled tear from her check, smothering it more with mud.

I waited in the tree for her to return with my corpse. She drug it into my new place. After folding my hands across my chest she stopped, looking at the watch around her arm and she smiled. Then she took it off and wrapped it around my body's dead wrist.

Whispering only for my dead ears to hear she said, "When you come back for me, I have to know its you, right?"

Stepping from my grave she looked down at me one last time. Then she began to place the dirt over me, my body being swallowed by my mother earth. Is this what I was here to witness? How was I supposed to make my return now that you had called me back again? I had promised her, I needed some timeless rest before I could fulfill those words.

She pulled a pocketknife from her pocket and stabbed into the tree. I watched her engrave my name into it. KOWASU. It read. Underneath that it also said GUARDIAN DEMON. And the date of my death followed. Satisfied, she stood back to observe the scene. Wind swept her hair back, tears trickled from her face.

"I love you, Kowasu. Please be free. And when you find what you are looking for, come back."

With that I looked skyward, the stars had come out. I needed to return. I smiled at the human who cared as she walked away. I would return to her. Someday. Somehow. That was the trick of the fox's spell. You never know when it would end.