I am in another classroom again. This time however, I am here by my own choice. The college professor was writing the requirements for our next assignment on his board, I sighed and turned to pull out my notebook to write them down in.

My name is Riyo and I am now a college student, fresh out of high school.

On my notebook cover smiling up at me were the faces of my high school friends. We had all grown up and moved on with our lives, starting to live our dreams. I had decided to become a physiologist. Far away from my parents and old home, I had moved back to the mainland. I was much most happier here.

I am watching the numerous foxes play in my college's park outside. I had even named the different ones. Of course, I was the only one who could see them. I am now careful not to mention them but keep it as a special part of me inside. It didn't need to be shared except in this notebook with my pencil.

The numbers had started to dwindle lately and my life had stared to become fairly normal. Not repetitive as before, but just normal. I had started to write, recording down the story of my past. Of my high school depression. Of all the memories stirring in my head. Of the everlasting friendship I had with the supernatural.

I miss Kowasu often when I see these foxes, but it was a constant reminder of how they would never leave. I never had to feel alone, like she was always above me, watching over me like a guardian angel-except she was a demon, making her a guardian demon. It made no difference to me.

I looked behind me today in class. We had a new student. This one was wearing baggy dark-green cargo pants and a tight black shirt. She also had short black hair streaked with green spiker. Her army combat boots thudded on the classroom floor, making her presence well-announced. She also had the most startling green eyes too.

The thing about her that caught my attention about her was the watch around her wrist that I swear was mine in high school.

She also took a seat behind me and started to kick my chair.