'Have faith in people' they say

'Humanity is a brilliant thing'


Is this actually the case?

To what extent is humanity brilliant

when one considers events like

the corruption of Africa,

the 9/11 attacks, and

the London bombings?

Should something so amazing

not prevent these occurrences?

The New Zealand education,



and social welfare systems.

Should humanity not have fixed these problems

rather than creating them?

Even down to personal relationships:

Should a child not be able to trust her parents,

a student, her teachers?

And shouldn't one receive support from,

and in turn give it to,

friends and family?

Is that not a given?

In theory,

humanity is supreme,


and brilliant

with the potential for great happiness

and unification.

But it's what happens in practice that matters.

It's whether humanity gives in

to its darker side that's the concern.

And it seems that more often than not,

it does.

I am left to wonder.

'Humanity is a brilliant thing'


Is this actually true?