'An Artificial Childhood'

By: Moonjava

Edited By: Diedre N. Flora

You are my poison -
My every day Robin Hood.

I lived in your castle
In that oversized utopia
That I never once really belonged to.

You took away my childhood
Because of labels and hidden pain.

I'm just your puppet;
A little plastic dancing doll
Made to be beautiful for all occasions.

I am the needle of imperfection
Which hangs on the bleeding cross of Jesus Christ.

That childhood ended a long time ago,
So I filled in the corners
With stacked boxes
Of fairy tales and wafer-thin paper,
You took down every word
Like I'm just a scientific experiment.

You are my Romeo,
The gun in my hand.

Laced up with Asters and Honeysuckles,
The rose wood cross burns,
And only the needle lays there
With blood soaking into the earth's blinding tears.

And a voice softly whispers:

"Fuck it all and damn it all to hell."