The Question by Emery

I admit, I liked Emery's The Weak's End more than the average person in the little Minnesota scene that is going on. However, that's where my interest stopped. I listened to it a few times, picked out a couple tracks such as "Walls"and "The Ponytail Parades" and put it in mix or two and called it a day. Than at Warped Tour 2005 I saw them live, with their energy and general fun attitude on stage I knew I was going to pick up The Question. I haven't been disappointed in the slightest bit.

The Question starts with the extremely catchy "So Cold I Could See my Breath." Emery is a emocore/ screamo/ post-hardcore or whatever the hell you want to call their genre kind of band, in this song Emery maintains emotional music without falling into the horrible pitfalls of a lot of Emo bands do; msotlyby writing twelve year old adolescent angst lyrics. The lyrics in throughout thisrelease remain well thought out, thought provoking, and cleverly penned.

Emery is a Christian band, but much like UnderOATH's They're Only Chasing Safety they don't bat you over the head with God talk. As an Agnostic that was formerly a Christian I can pick up on the religious themes in the CD. The most obvious it comes out is in "Listening to Freddy Mercury" a song that could serve as an instruction manuel to Christians that try to beat every non-believer with the Bible, "It is all the same thing. / We are all the same people. / With sinning hearts that make us equal... / It is not our job to make anyone believe. "

Oh yeah.. did I mention that this CD is catchy as hell?

However, this CD isn't perfect. The most obvious mistake in the entire CD is "In Between 4th and 2nd Street" an acoustic filler song with piano and hard to hear lyrics. At 32 second long all the song does is stop the post-hardcore breakdowns and distrupts the flow of the album. In other parts of the CD the keyboards seems to be forced into parts of songs, something a lot of bands with keyboard players tend to do. Also in some areas of the CD, as in The Weak's End, the sporadic screaming could be toned down. It's not that I don't like screaming, I love it, but they don't need it in every bridge to help pick up tempo and emotions. My last small compliant is that maybe the CD is just a tad to slickly produced, the synthesized ending of "Studying Politics" would be a prime example.

This album is a great sophomore release by Emery. I cannot wait to see where there next CD will take this talented original band. I recommend the CD for fans of Thursday, UnderOath, The Used, Bleed the Dream and so forth. Recommended tracks, "Left with Alibis and Lying Eyes", "Listening to Freddy Mercury", "Studying Politics" and "Win, Win Situation."

You can hear"Studying Politics" and "So Cold I Could See My Breath" on their myspace page.


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