Lenore by Nehemiah

Now when you think of Minnesota, you probably think of a frozen wasteland dotted with hicks. You wouldn't think that a hardcore band with the forced of hell behind them would rise from the chilled air. Lenore is the only piece Nehemiah released in their all to short career. This is EP is a unified Nehemiah, a Nehemiah before internal problems made shit hit the fan for them. I wish I could've please my body between them and the shit, because this is good.

Lenore opens with "The King's Collapse" you only get about two seconds of clean guitar before Evan Nagan growls. Boy can that boy scream, and scream, after which he screams some more. Than at the one minute mark you get something extremely remarkable, a breakdown that made me stop typing this piece so I could launch my fists and throwdown. The rest of "The King's Collapse" continue's the brutal assault for another minute and than the song is over. With this we are given 30 seconds of instrumental before Nagan kicks in again. Yet in "Our Great Deceiver" spoken lines are dropped in between the attack. Which works well, since even than Nehemiah continues the intensity. Than the intensity it brought down 2:45 seconds into it for another wicked breakdown.

God bless Nehemiah, they do know how to write a breakdown.

"Nepenthe" the third track starts off with a long drawn out very clean guitar part. Which builds a great mood; which is than expanded with the entire band doing clean instrumentals. Which brought down at the 2:42 into the adventure. Nehemiah must've thought that throwing sludge on top of there clean work was a good idea. However, I think "Nepenthe" just dragged on for a little to long. I give them props for slowing it down, but a seven minute song is just a bit to long. The song also had seemingly unrelated parts placed here and there and come from sometimes to random of directions.

The next song is wierd, I admit it. "Return to Granduer" give you a solid minute of brutal hardcore, followed by two minutes of whispering. It's good, but I can still feel the 'what the hell' I originally felt when I first heard the whispering. The final song on the EP "Erelong" gives you another long hardcore-gotta-throwdown music session. Which I am perfectly fine with. Since I live for hardcore and dancing like an idiot.

I recommend this disc to anyone what has ever heard The Dillenger Escape Plan, Converge, Bury Your Dead, Norma Jeand and liked it. Lenore is a solid 7/10 and it's a shame that it's the first and last work Nehemiah ever put out for us. I'm going to be at their fairwell show, I recommend you join me and have a good time.


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