- things she'll never say -

AN: Hello its penami here! I decided to write a story, in 'letter' form (maybe itll change later on) from a girl to a guy. Read on... and please review! :)

- letter one part i -


So today was the first day back at school. You were at the bus stop, as usual, and I arrived all flustered, rushed from doing last minute hair preparations (the damn thing won't stay down!) and forgetting to pack my lunch (silly me). You were there as usual, that grin on your face, I know you were watching my hair flop tirelessly up and down. I don't think we looked any different from what we did before the two week holidays, you had a fringe which was longer I suppose. It covers your eyes now, something that is very strange because your eyes are the most vivid green and now they seem more a hazel.

As usual we caught the bus, the good ol' 107. You let me on first, as you always do, and we took a seat at the front seeing as the rest of the bus was packed already. Preppy girls gossiping about their holidays, guys silently listening to music and us… talking as usual. It's funny, I've known you for so long yet we never run out of things to say. If we do the silence is comfortable, each of us in our own dream world, our thoughts running away with us. It almost seems as if we don't want to disturb the peace surrounding us, which is bonding us together.

When we got to the stop at John Road people were standing up in the aisle. A girl got on, fumbling the millions of things in her hands. Folder, discman, plastic bags, books. She wrestled with her wallet getting her bus pass and she dropped it right at your feet. I saw you bend down and pick it up nonchalantly, and the girl smiled at you, her blue eyes sparkling. I saw you smile back. The bus started on its way again and we were jerked suddenly. Her things went flying and a moment later you had got off the seat, bent down and picked them up.

"Do you want my seat?" you asked. She nodded shyly, thanking you under her breath as she took the seat next to me. You introduced yourself then. I was listening, pretending I wasn't.

"Josh," I could feel the smile you gave her.

"Sarah," she said, smiling too.

I spent the rest of my bus ride 'not listening' to the conversation that was going on beside me. So far, Sarah was in our grade, new. She had moved from Melbourne. She was in some of the classes we were in too, and she liked bands like Good Charlotte and Yellowcard, bands we liked too.

When we got to school you and Sarah got off the bus first and I got off after. You were walking with her up the hill towards our school and glanced back, searchingly. You spotted me walking behind and slowed down, Sarah slowing down too. Sheepishly you introduced us.

"Sarah this is my best friend, Laura," you said, your arm going around my shoulders. She smiled at me, and I nodded in return. It was all I could do at that moment.

"Do you like Good Charlotte too?" she asked. I nodded and listened to your conversation resume… and felt your arm leave my shoulders.

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