- things she'll never say -

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- letter one part ii -

School was normal today… as normal as it always is, I suppose. Term three has started and it's really strange to start thinking about the future. We got given subject selection forms at our year assembly. Scanning the list of subjects, I couldn't find very many that were appealing to me. Nathan was sitting next to me at the year assembly, peeping over my shoulder every three seconds. He's eager to select his subjects, knows exactly what he wants to do.

"Engineering at New South Uni," he said proudly when I asked him. I nodded and he frowned.

"What about you, Laur?" he asked. I shrugged, glancing down at the sheet of paper in my hand.

"It's hard," I explain, but not really explaining. "I'm not really good at anything and don't have many jobs I can see myself doing…" He takes my hand and squeezes it.

"You are good at so many things! Look, you're always topping the class in english and science! Maybe you can be something to do with them!" His brown eyes are wide as he looks at me thoughtfully. All I can do is smile back.

That was probably the most exciting thing of the day. The other thing was you brought Sarah to The Table where we sit. It's sorta cool, being in year ten and all. We are the rulers of the junior side of the school and have the authority to boss the year sevens and eights around. That's how we got The Table, I suppose, by making sure they didn't go near it. I remember you, Nathan and Tim pretending to be bullies and scaring a bunch of little year sevens away. It was so funny because you guys are anything but bullies. I've known Nate since year seven and he's more the eager beaver type. Eager to do anything, completely enthusiastic. He knows what he wants and when he wants it, he'll do anything to get it. Ambition. Tim is more the quiet one, probably more in the background, though he has this thoughtful expression which seems to be painted on his face. If you were to look at our group, you'd notice Tim last because that's just the way it is. He's the quiet, thoughtful totally sweet one who'd do anything for his friends. And now you… hmm… if I had to describe you I'd say you were the social one. Haha. Always making friends and stuff, being the totally flexible, I'm-cool-with-everything type of guy. Totally self assured…yet so… insecure. I know you don't let anyone see that side of you, probably besides me… but you are insecure, whether you want to know it or not. Jen is the sporty chick of our group. Always totally up for a game of something, always up for a party and some fun. She'd try anything twice, if you dare her to do something, she'll do it. She's a bit flamboyant but it suits her because let's face it, she's beautiful. Long blonder hair flowing down her back and this gorgeous big blue eyes which make her look innocent. But she's not! Daine is the timid one. Very very shy, especially around boys, but she's lightened up around you lot, hasn't she? She's shy but she's brave, if she has something important to say she'll say it. And I'm… me. I don't know how to put myself in words, I just am.

Today at lunch we were all at the Table, besides you. Jen was eating her obligatory peanut butter sandwich which she eats every damn day and I was eating some of Nathan's tuna pasta, having forgotten my lunch this morning. We were chatting and catching up when we saw you and Sarah walking together. Jen looked at the rest of us and we shrugged. They hadn't met her yet, but I had.

"Hey guys!" you said, cheerfully dumping your stuff on the table. Sarah looked shy behind you.

"Hey," we all replied in unison, giving you expectant looks.

"This is Sarah," you introduced. Tim had a look on his face that clearly said "woahh… hot!" Jen was smiling widely, Daine was smiling shyly. Nathan was smiling too… and I was… scowling not scowling. Anyway, you guys sat down, you sitting next to me and Sarah on your other side.

"Where have you been?" I asked. You took out a white paper bag and handed it to me. It was a ham and tomato sandwich.

"Getting you some lunch," you smirked. I saw you look down at the pasta container I held in my hands. Nathan chose that moment to plonk himself down on the other side of me.

"Do you want more food, Laura?" he asked. I shook my head.

"Nah… I'm good! Thanks heaps, Nate," I replied. He grabbed the sandwich out of my hand.

"You had lunch?" he asked.

"No, Josh got it for me," I answered and turned to look at you. You had this weird expression on your face… I don't know how to describe it. Sort of angry I guess, but I had no idea why. I turned back to Nathan.

"Oh, ok… well I'm going to go to the canteen with Tim. You comin'?" he said, handing me back the sandwich. Again, I shook my head.

"Maybe later."

I turned back around but you were talking to Sarah, Jen and Daine.

Do you remember when we first met? I can honestly say I don't. And I don't think you do either! Considering we were just babies when we met! Isn't it funny that our mothers ended up giving birth at the same hospital? In the same week? I think it's strange… and the fact that they kept in touch and even moved near each other! But it's been good, growing up with you. I remember we started going to preschool together and I got play dough stuck up my nose and you kept laughing your head off. And I vowed from that day to hate you for the rest of my life, but it didn't happen. Somehow, we've always managed to make it through-

I've got to go now, Mum wants me to make dinner. She's having one of her bad days again, she hasn't left her room. Dad's coming home soon and she wants him to see she's alright, but I know she's not. Argh. She's yelling at me louder now, I've got to run!



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