Perfection is an illusion,

Acceptable is an opinion,

People cannot be compared to the masks of others.

No one is ideal,

We all have secrets,

The only people better than you are not real.

If I ignore it,

So will they,

You show people who you are.

Would they guess,

Do they know,

Know that I am not simply what I show.

You don't know what they want,

So don't assume,

That you are not good enough.

A smile is not a promise,

A conversation is not an invitation,

People cant smell a hot pursuit.

Stop simply reacting,

Make it happen,

Turn up the volume, don't live mute.

This is your life.

Carpe Dium.

Every fucking dium.

A/n: This is based of some advice from my mother, and is now my advice too everyone who reads this.