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Welcome to hell



I lazily looked out of the car window at the up coming high school on the right. I got caught vandalizing school property and mom snapped. She sent me to friggen boarding school! Not just any boarding school, mind you, but an ALL BOYS BAORDING SCHOOL! I'M A GIRL FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!

Mom parked the car and I got out, grabbed my suitcases, and glared daggers at my new school as the car drove away. 'I hate you mom.' I thought as I made sure my silvery white hair was in its low pony tail with only my bangs loose and if my breasts were fastened tight enough.

Seeing everything was in place, I sighed, picked up my suitcases, and started to walk to my dorm or whatever. I was so lost in my thoughts that I bumped into someone.

"KYAAAA!" I fell to the ground with a hard thump. "Ow… Gomen."

Looking up, I saw a tall tan blonde with hair in a pony tail that went down to his slender waist. He turned his soft amber eyes on me and helped me up. "No problem. You okay?" he asked.

I nodded and gathered my belongings, embarrassed. "Yeah."

He smiled and helped me with luggage then looked at me. "Are you the new kid?" he asked.

I nodded again.

"Okay. You should be rooming with Yamata-san then." He took my suitcases and started walking toward building I3 and I followed.

When we got there the blonde set my suitcases down and smiled. "Here we are." He pointed out the room number and turned to leave but stopped and looked at me once more. "I'm Ryuzaki Ratio, by the way."

"Ishida Ichiro."

Ration nodded. "I live down the hall so holler if you need me." With that, he walked away.

Thank god I sounded boyish and looked like a boy, being a total tomboy and all. It really helps when cross dressing. I chuckled a bit and opened the door to my room. Setting my stuff down on the bed on the left side of the room near the window and away from the door, I sat down and observed the other side, while fiddling with my silver nose ring.

It was a mess! Clothes scattered everywhere and posters of rock bands plastered sloppily on the walls. A skateboard was thrown into a corner with junk piled on it by an unmade black and green bed. This was a player boy's room. I groaned and decided to unpack since I was sooo bored!

An hour later I found myself lying on my bed staring at the ceiling in a daze. I hardly noticed the pair of light jaggier green eyes staring at me from across the room. I ignored the presence until I felt a hand grab my arms and pull me onto the person's, most likely a guy's, lap. The mysterious man held my arms down and burying his face in my hair. I could feel his hot breath on my neck as I struggled to get free. I always got free when someone tried to rape me back home but this guy was strong.

'Oh God! I'm screwed!' I thought as a shiver went through my body as he placed his lips on my neck.

"You must be Ichiro." I felt him smirk and his hot breath tickled against my skin. I suppressed a small moan. I refused to give in and be weak! His free hand moved to my front and began to draw circles on my chest. "I'm Yamata Tasuku. You may call me Tasuku-kun though."

My eyes widened. THIS WAS MY ROOM MATE! NOOOOOOOO! Suddenly I saw a shoe flying in my direction and ducked so that it hit Tasuku square in the face. I scrambled to the other side of the room on the floor. Tasuku was a muscular pale boy. He was muscular but not grossly muscular. He had messy uneven green hair and was wearing all black.

"TASUKU! What the hell are you doing?!" I turned my head and saw a one shoed, black haired boy with brown eyes and loose fitting clothes who looked pissed off. Behind him was Ratio who smiled at me and mouthed a hello.

"WAIIIIII! Rara-kun! Na-kun's hurting me!" the green haired teen wailed, holding the back of his head in pain.

"That's Nanashi-san to you, dick head!" another object was thrown and it hit Tasuku in the same place as the shoe. I looked at the one called Nanashi in fear as he walked over to me, extending his hand. "Are you okay, Ishida-kun?" he smiled. "Don't mind baka over there. He gets like that when he sees a cute guy. My name's Nanashi Soske." I stared at his hand as the events registered in my mind, flinching a little at the 'kun'.

Once it was all processed, I blushed and slapped his hand out of my way and got up on my own. The three guys stared at me a little on startled at my sudden action. "WHAT THE HELL?! I JUST GOT FRIGGEN MOLESTED AND YOU'RE ASKING IF I'M OKAY?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!" I stormed out of the room, past a slightly scared and tense Ratio, and outside. I needed to be alone right now.

Outside, I sat in the shade under a secluded tree and leaned my back against it. tears were creeping up into my eyes but I fought them back. I missed my friends and my home and my tamed oncila cat, Spike, that I raised after I found it abandoned in the forest in Costa Rica.

'My life is hell…' I thought as I buried my face in my knees. "I hate this…" I mumbled into my baggy ripped and worn jeans.

"You hate what?" I grew tense at the voice the question belonged to. Just great. I raised my head and glared at the green eyed boy and then looked away, ignoring his question. "Awww. Don't be that way, Ichi-kun!" He pleaded, giving me his best wan-chan pout.

"We're not even friends!" I yelled. Since when did we get to a nickname basis? Tasuku merely gave a goofy grin and stared at me. I do NOT like that look. "W-What?!"

"I can't help myself! You're just so cute!" At that moment, I found myself being tackled to the ground and squeezed to death.

"WHAT THE FLUFF!" a fist connected with Tasuku's head and he got off of me.

"Stop trying to molest him!" Punch.




"WILL YOU TWO SHUT UP!" We all stared at Ratio. When he knew that he had our attention he smiled sweetly and said, "Why don't we all retire for the night?"

We all just slowly nodded, not daring to argue.

That night, I slept peacefully in my new bed with the door locked and the phone right next to me just in case an emergency while pervy boy was sleeping in his bed bound from collar bone to ankles in rope.


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Baka: stupid or idiot

Wan-chan: puppy