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SUMMARY: The ultimate powers of the universe, of Good against Evil, of God vs. Satan, are fighting a battle. Over me.

It was beautiful. An endless field of green, with trees, bushes, lakes of crystal-clear blue, birds flying in the air, the pleasant buzz of insects, and meadows of flowers in every color imaginable. In an understatement, it was beautiful, a paradise. My own personal Garden of Eden. I stood and looked at it all in awe from my position on a hilltop.

A warm breeze blew through my hair, and the sweet scent of wildflowers reached my nose. I closed my eyes and spread my arms, letting this utopia take me away. Everything was perfect.

But I should have known that all good things come to an end. Behind me, I heard a noise. And then another one. It sounded like a faint grunt, like a beast out of breath. I turned around, albeit reluctantly, and saw a small scrap of darkness at the distant edge of my sea of grass. It was slowly growing, however, spreading down the grass. Coming towards me. I heard noises again, more this time. There were harsh snarls, and loud cries.

An army; I could see them now. There were huge creatures, grotesque faces, and hideous grins on their mouths. There was drool and spit falling from their mouths, and their eyes were red, dilating at the sight. They were huge, like giants, if not a bit smaller. At least two stories high, though. They had armor on, like what I would imagine to be on barbarians. They had swords and axes clutched in their claws, stained dark red with what I believed was blood. They had little hair, and those that didn't proudly displayed the scars and gashes on their skulls. They didn't even look like normal humans; they had pig-like noses, and sharp, pointed ears. Their teeth were yellow, and their canines particularly pointed, as I would imagine a vampire's to be. And their skin…it was a dull yellowish green, as if it hadn't been washed in a long time. Their fingernails were cracked and black, but sharp to a razor's cut. Their feet were huge, and their whole bodies were broad and well muscled.

To say the least, I was terrified. What were they doing in my paradise? Why were they coming for me? I hadn't done anything… They were coming, closer, and closer. There were thousands, possibly millions, of them, swarming over my land. Soon, I couldn't see the grass anymore. It was just a mass of these…creatures. I couldn't figure out what they were. Figments of my imagination? I had to contend with demons. It's how I had imagined them to look. And they were getting ever closer to me. I must have looked like easy prey, standing as I was on the top of a hill, with nothing but fields of green surrounding me. I could hear them quite distinctly, their war cries and grunts. They sounded like starved animals in their screams. I briefly wondered if there were anymore than what was in front of me.

That's when I turned around. What I saw was a brutal shock. I don't know which was worse, the sight of the army or the sight of my formerly gorgeous Eden. I say formerly, because now…it was dead. Everything, it was all dying. My trees were old, and falling over. My ocean of green was brown, or yellow, and coarse. The rank smell of rotting flowers hit my nose now, and I couldn't stop the tears that were coming. I couldn't understand… It couldn't be real.

Something told me that my paradise was what was never real. It was all an illusion. This is how it really was. Hideous. Like those monsters behind me.

I turned back around and cried freely at the sight of the army. It was just a swarm of black and green, overtaking my land and getting bigger by the second. They were close enough to see the details on their faces, but not distinctly. I couldn't help it. My whole world had come collapsing around me in a mere few seconds, and now, I was the one collapsing. I fell to the ground and buried my face in my hands. The tears only made me feel worse. I heard the army, smelled their rancid scent, and felt their evil presence coming closer, closer. I could feel my world getting darker, my flowers wilting, my trees falling over, my grass hiding in the covers of the earth, the weeds were shooting up, killing my paradise, and I was turning my back on it all and crying.

A hand was put on my shoulder. A warm presence was next to me, and somehow, I stopped crying. I looked up. There was a man next to me. He was, in a word, beautiful. I don't know how I could tell, since there was this…light, just emanating from him, but I could feel it. There was something beautiful about him. Pure. And his voice…it was deep, rich, and flowed so smoothly. I've never heard anything so amazing. He told me that he wanted to help me. That he could fight this army, and make them go away. All I had to do was ask.

He extended a hand, and I was caught gazing at it. It glowed brightly, and I felt warm, and safe, completely loved, with his hand on my shoulder, his gaze on me, and his hand extended towards me in an offer of salvation. I couldn't help but stare, because there, on the base of his hand, was a hole. Fresh, it looked, and as I gazed back up at him, I noticed that he looked young, but his eyes held a power of the ages, and wisdom beyond anything that I could have comprehended. There was a power and a presence in his gaze, and I knew that accepting him would change my life forever.

I wanted to change.

I took his hand and closed my eyes as he pulled me up. With my eyes still closed, he pulled to him and whispered, "You are now my child, and I love you." I didn't have to open my eyes to know that he was no longer beside me. His presence was still there, but he wasn't next to me.

I looked around and saw angels. I knew they were angels. They were giants, large enough to combat these demons sent from Hell. Their wings were shimmering, and they were broad shouldered and muscled. They carried finely crafted swords, glinting in the sunlight, clean of all traces of blood. They were amazing, and I knew without a doubt that they were going to win. Both now, and in the final battle, they were going to win.

They ran down the hill, charging towards the other army. Their faces were set, but I wasn't worried. Everything just felt so right now. I knew that I was far from deserving of this, and of that man, and he knew it. But in his gaze…one thing shown clearly though, and that was his love. He loved me, and he told me. I turned around and let the battle continue fighting. I was no longer worried. This one wasn't the last, but it was our victory. This battle was ours.

My field of paradise was still dead, covered in weeds, and desolate. But as I continued looking, a small flower bloomed at the base of a tree. And with that, I heard the armies stop fighting behind me. Silence met my ears. Empty, and yet filled with a presence that I knew would never leave me. I smiled and ran down the hill towards my flower. I kneeled before it, and cupped its petals in my hands. I didn't fail to notice a light glowing from my hands. I saw something like a ghost settled over my whole body, as if there was another presence inside of me. That was what was causing the glow, and I smiled a tearful smile at the marks on "my" wrists. With a whispered "Thank you" I began to weed. It would take a long time, but I knew that I could do it.

He was there to help me.

Many thanks to A, for giving me the idea for this. I had originally written it as a poem…but poetry's not my thing. I just saw it playing out in my head, and while writing this, I had an idea to make it into a full-fledged story. This would just be the prologue. So? What do you guys think? Is it decent? Terrible? Wonderful? Moving? This is just the rough draft. I'm going to post the completed version of it later on. But for right now, I just wanted to get it posted. Please please please review! I'm begging you! This story means so much to me right now. I intend to keep it as a one-shot, but unless I get some positive feedback, I'm not going to upload anything else that I may write! So yeah…

Much love to you all,

And a special thank you to my ghost,