Beneath the stunning sky and across the dribbling river
Under the sunset's churning oranges and reds
Near the commanding oak tree, regal and tall
Sat an unassuming boy
His back lightly rest on the wet grass and mud
And his eyes constantly looked up

Sensing that his time was up
He stole back across the fields and the gurgling river
Dirtying his pants with stains of mud
He found himself panting, and his face had turned red
But still he continued, as any other boy
He wished nothing more than to be older, tall

He soon got his wish, surging upward till tall
And yet his eyes still glanced up
He continued to live as an ordinary boy
Climbing up mountains and paddling down rivers
He still sometimes noticed the oranges and reds
But mostly concerned with things below him, the grass and the mud

He reached his home and brushed off the mud
Mother remarking, "Oh, you look so tall"
For, unlike the boy, she had not seen the reds
And always would refuse to look up
She wished to leave her home by the river
And take everyone else, especially the boy

No one much cared for him, except the boy
He vowed to make a life though stuck in the mud
And eternally drowning in that river
He couldn't keep playing these games while getting so tall
He resolved once and for all to stop gazing up
And never again see those majestic reds

He missed them all his life, those stately reds
But couldn't handle being just that little boy
He was occupied with greater things, he could not look up
His mind was focused solely on mud
And he continued growing ever-taller
After awhile, he forgot the river

But one day he was swallowed up by the mud
And left behind his own little boy
Thinking of the reds and a still dribbling river