Ok here we go this is the story,

Mollie had lived with her father and stepmother for little under a month, this was punishment for staging a protest in the middle of the hallway declaring that Terrill Middle-School and miss Baubles were not only out to get her but, unfairly putting students in ISS. Well, as the blech-handlebar-mustashed-pig drug her down the hall to the main office she decided no1 is going to fuck with Mollie Gardner. Mollie Gardner is one tuff little fucking bitch and don't you fuck with her or she will mess-you-up. Not only did she loose her fear (unknown) that may have bin hidden, she also lost her love, of the alcoholic mother, jesus-freek father, and control-freak stepmother, who all seemed bent on breaking her. Making her a prep. Mollie would have none of this.

So when she arrived at her new school, ware her stepmother worked, weir her teach happened to be that woman's best friend. (that woman is the stepmother) she made it her goal to make everyone aware that not only did she hate this place, these cloths, she also made a show of walking into the classroom, sitting in the back of the class and throwing her feet up onto the desk in a relaxed much conferrable position, as if she owned this little shithole. Needless to say, she made an impression on the class. She had grown up since 1st grade, no shit and this hick-ass town had better watch out cause Mollie Gardner was back and pissed off!

"hay my name is Jane" smiled a red haired girl with pail skin wearing a pink tracksuit,
"shit, hi, Im Mollie, and im sure my stepmother has told you ALL about me and my little predicament…she probably made me sound like a little preppy angel fyi im not never will me she burned my cloths, cd's and all my other shit."
"well that's pretty ruff, when was this?"
"last weekend…"
" shit that sucks!"
"I know"
Jane runs out of the room, Mollie is greeted and hugged by old friends and acquaintances she sits through this all, not loosing her cool, she had to remember this Mohawk wouldn't be their if I was one of them I wouldn't be here If I was one of them they still waste time on religion I am superior!

Jane was now running back into the room dragging with her a sulky looking brunet, wearing an atrau shirt and bondage pants.

"hay im Crystal"
"hay kid, im Mollie"
"your gunna hate this school"
"I already do"
"ha ha ha me and Jane have bin here longer, trust me everyone is a prep here. And the new guen stefoni song is an anthem they all sing, all the time but only the one part "the shit is bananas B-A-N-A-N-A-S" and I hate it, so bad"
"ha ha ha sounds like im going to slit my rists in the girls room"
"sick… well everyone is nice relie, just stupid…"
the deal with jane, is shes fucked up, shes a fucking mess, shes spirling downward, plunging threw infinite darkness… yeah she was on so much shit, mollie was bound to make friends with her. And crystle was just depressed.
"right so umm, whats to do round here?"
crystle and jane bolth grabed one of mollies hands, and took her to the place that it was at
jane giggled as a tall shady looking boy aproched the red bench they sat on…
"hay sean wuddup gangsta"
"not much" sean then smiled, she was an old friend of mollies. They usedto be very close.
"SHIT SEAN… your like 15 ft taller than you were last time we met… what the fuck hapined?
"nice to see you too mollie. To twll the truth, I think that I onley look taller because you are, infact, shorter."
"o that is cold you motherfucker…"

I got bord… I don't wanna rite this anymore…. Unless you ask me to… my sn is StillNotGoth and im never on…im alwase away… on business… ha ha ha ha ha
so eather ask me to keep going, develup the plot… or don't tell me anything, and ill just go have a nap…