Forgotten to Return

There's many things I've borrowed

That I've since forgotten to return:

My mom's tweezers,

A photo of my sister at her prom

My best friend's CD

And more than a few textbooks;

My dad's sarcastic humor

The look of wonder in my nephew's eye

My mom's open optimism

And more than a few of my brother's jokes;

The love, so long held, of my aunt's for the theatre

The longing for growth

that I've caught a few people having

The pieces of past

The complications of my present

And the hope of my future

that my parents never seem to lose;

Best friendships, novels, movies, and laughter,

An old mirror, odd glasses, and a bit of sensibility-

Maybe it's not so bad sometimes to forget to return, after all.

A/N: This poem was inspired while I was plucking my eyebrows with the tweezers that I really have forgotten to return to my mom. I hope you enjoy-please read and review.