Taunting Memories; Remember Me

Whispers haunting me

Some of threats

Some of lies

None of which I can see

My hands reaching out

My heart buried in the ground

And my mind trying not to doubt

It's so hard to not make a sound

Don't speak the name

You're not the one to blame

It is me who let them take you away.

O, would "I'm sorry" ever begomn to be enough to say?

How can I help you?

Me, who caused the pain...

How can I find you,

Send my love your way?

What can I do?

My fault, my blunder, my shame

Surprised you even came

After me

I didn't deserve your sympathy

And I pushed you away

When all you've ever done is love me

Facing your few flaws (that were never flaws at all)

You watched me sway.

With hatred burning in my heart, you were mauled.


To make it up to you, would such an apology exist?

My hand, with tears dripping down, no longer a fist.

What can I do?

I love you...

In a time long ago,

forever it seems

I could make you happy...

kept your pain at bay,

behind tightly knitted seams.

Now it's all been shattered

broken into fragments

who will pick up the pieces

throw them away,

or glue them together?

We're so alone, so alone...

If only if I can get to you,

and be taken back into your arms I so well have known...

Love me, kill me

Don't want to suffer this fate alone

Don't want you to suffer, want to call you my own...

I miss you, beloved.

If only I could find you...

If only I could know

it wouldn't hurt you more.


Why the hell did I do this?

Do you know what I'd do for just one last kiss?

In your safe arms,...a fading memory.

Something never to be felt again, like your sweet lips.

I don't know why no one believed in us,

but I believed, I still believe,

As hard as it is to be


When everything is falling apart

We're losing our minds and killing our hearts

Nothing seems to make sense when we're apart

All the pieces are broken, are gone from our hearts

What happened to our cause, was it lost from the start?

I broke us, we're broken..

You were going to be the father of my children

We were to be married, a happy couple

You were my happily ever after

that just wasn't ever enough

When dreams come true

when I loved you-when all was right/even in the depth of night-who knew that the dream was only a dream-One you still had to wake up to?

Let me listen to your tears again

all those little thoughts that we could both hear

with the gentle lulluby of your beating heart, you could console every fear

Pure in love, unyeilding,

I stayed with you even when I was so unsure

Please forgive me just once more

You, my love, are my only cure.

Please let it be I can fix you, too

Like you've done for me, time and time again.

Maybe next time I won't betray you

That is, if there is a next time...

I only hope with what hope is left.

O god, I pray for us to be together once more

That our torn hearts will heal

Blood ornamenting my soul

and tears adorning my cheeks

this unbroken seal...

Whispered this truth

please believe

I love you...

Don't forget me

What is beauty

what is truth

what is left untouched and holy?

My love forever

Let my touch be remembered