"Angie sweetie! Hello?"

"Yeah?" I woke up with a start and found myself in the arms of Evan.

"You woke up at last, I found you in the field like this."

"Oh…I snoozed off, that's all, no biggie." I said getting myself off of Evan's arms.

"No, it's alright, you're probably still tired, I'll carry you, you're not heavy."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, you're a little thing, how much do you weigh?"

"Um…ninety-nine pounds…" I replied embarrassed.

"O god, you are little, my ex-girlfriend weighed one fifty."

"Oh…. um…where are we going?"

"To my house of course."

"Ok." We didn't talk the rest of the way; I looked at the rolling clouds. Heaven was somewhere there, if there really was such thing…

We arrived at his house and watched movies, he insisted on watching The Grudge, even though I told him I couldn't stand horror movies.

"Are you scared sweetie?" He asked with his arm around my neck.

"No…" I watched intently and suddenly cuddled into this neck, I was scared.

"Awwww…. you poor girl." He patted me gently. "I'll get you some popcorn, be right back."


The room darkened up as he left, suddenly, I noticed a faint little red light, and then nothing. When he came back, I glanced at her bracelet again, and a faint yet violent red light flashed endlessly, he COULDN'T be a devil, could he?

I backed away from him.

"What's the matter sugar?" He asked.

"Uh…. nothing. Evan, I have to go…" I said too quickly, heading to the door.

Suddenly, he was there, and he no longer looked like the blond, innocent guy that brought me here. Instead, he had pitch-black hair, red horns, a tail, and piercing red eyes. In his hand, was a red pitchfork-not the kind farmers use.

"Not so fast." He said with a different voice, placing his hand over the door.

I screamed, I couldn't help it; he didn't look anything like Evan. He quickly hushed me by putting his hand over my mouth-his cold dark skin touching me, sent chills up my spine.

"Get away from me!" I muffed with his hand still over my mouth.

I lifted my right fist and attempted to belt him, but before I could get to him, he got to me. Stabbing me with his pitchfork, near my heart. Instantly, I fell to the ground as I saw my blood turn black as it poured out of me. I realized in horror than I was turning into a devil. I saw my skin turn dark, my hair turn black, and slowly I felt horns growing out of my head.

He laughed.

Without warning, I saw a glowing golden light burst into the dark room.

"Andre the audacious, we have heard of you." I heard what was once Evan say.

"It is I, Andre the audacious. I have come to rescue this human." I heard Andre say.

"Ah…. the guardian angel. What a pitiful job, you would make an astonishing devil."

Andre struck him with his baton. Evan cackled as he disappeared.

Andre walked over to me.

"Are you ok?" He asked.

I couldn't reply, I felt myself transforming, more and more into a devil.

It seemed like he understood, carrying me; he flew off.

We soared above clouds. As we flew, I felt my memory wipe away from me and replaced by some unrecognizable ones. It felt terrible, my horns grew bigger and bigger, and a tail has started to grow.

Andre flew faster and faster, continuously telling me it was going to be ok.

My body got colder and colder, and the earth slipped further and further away from me. The colours turned darker and darker. As if knowing how I felt, Andre tightly wrapped his arms around me and I felt a bit warmer.

"Master Andre, we can not save her." I heard two voices plead.

"I will NOT let her die!" Andre roared.

"She has been struck by the Fire of Hell. Nothing in Heaven can save her." The pleading voices explained.

"I do NOT care! She can not die!" Andre yelled.

"The only cure for the Fire of Hell is when the two plants Dvile and Star flowers are mixed together."

"So go get it!" Andre raged.

"Well…you see, the only place where the plant Dvile grows, is in hell…"

I didn't hear him respond for moments. My eyes could not bring themselves to open, so I could only listen.

"I'll go retrieve them." He finally said.

It was followed by two gasps. "You can not go. You are an angel. You will peris-"

"I do not care, how long can she last?" He boldly asked.

"Three days, five days max." The other two replied.

"If I do not return, don't send anyone to fetch me." He quietly added.

"But Master, we can no-"

"PROMISE me!" He roared.

"We promise Master Andre. Take care."

"Take good care of her, treat her as if she were me. No, BETTER than you treat me." He added before flying away. I knew he flew away, I heard his wings flap.