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Chapter 3:Hidden Secrets

Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Andre was falling! Falling into the shadows of the earth. Deeper and deeper into the darkness. I reached out, yet my arm wasn't long enough. His white graceful wings failed him, they were stained with red piercing blood. He seemed to be calling out to me. Yet I couldn't hear him, and then, I could no longer see him. Only the echo was his voice, until that too, faded.

I woke up with a start, cold sweat dripping off of my forehead. Taking deep breaths, telling myself that it was only a dream, I looked around. I was still in heaven, except now, night had fallen. The once white clouds, looked silvery in the moonlight, and I saw millions of stars, dancing upon the dark blue sky. Looking down on me, as if watching out for me and protecting me from the evil in the world.

I didn't know the time, yet I suspect it to be about 3 or 4 in the morning. Everyone was sound asleep, except for a few angels, flying about in the night sky. I started to get up and off of the cloud bed. Slowly walking around on the soft cotton like cloud floor as it rolled under my feet. Then, starring up, I felt the strangest feeling yet. I looked deep into the brightest star and felt a glow rush through my body. A glow of power and worthiness. Looking deeper, past the light, I saw Andre, in a cage, surrounded by devils, and they marched, as if celebrating for a festival. I gasped. Looking again, I his expression of shame, like he failed a task. I became worried. What had happened?

"Miss Star?" I heard a voice ask, startling me.

I looked her way and pulled my eyes away from the star.

"Yes?" It was Bethany.

"Are you ok?" She asked, concerned.

"Yes…I think so…"

"Well it is still very late, so do get a good night's rest."

"Ok." I got into bed and summed up what had just happened.

Yet, there seemed to be no explanation.

"Greet the day Miss. Star!" I heard a soft voice say.

I moaned, pulling the covers over me.

"Com'on! Wake up." The voice said again, this time with a musical voice.

Then, I felt energy surge through me and instantly, I woke up.

"Whoa! What just happened?"

Jane looked at me, smiling. "I just used my voice on you."

"Your voice?"

"Yep, that's my talent. Everyone's got at least one."

"I see…"

"Well, people obey my command when I use that voice." She explained.


She smiled bigger. "Well, god has asked for you. Wash up and I'll see you soon."

And with that, she disappeared into thin air, leaving me in a room made entirely out of clouds.

"Wash up? With what?" I asked, talking to myself.

At that moment, toothbrushes, toothpaste, cup, face cloth, hairbrush, a white robe, and other daily needs appeared.

I took them off the floating cloud tray and headed to what I would think a washroom.

Indeed it was, and the walls seemed to made of water. Crystal clear, a bit blue, giving me a perfect reflection of myself. I dared to touch it, it feel cool and well….magical. Shrugging it off, I peeled off my blood stained clothes and took a shower.

I looked at myself in the mirror, and was surprised how I had changed.

A pure white robe draped to my feet, and downy-feathered wings came out of my back, a halo glist in the sunlight, my caramel hair falling down onto my shoulders, my skin a creamy peach and lastly, my amethyst coloured eyes bright and vivid. This could not be me. Yet it was.

I walked out the room and found Bethany waiting for me.

"Ah. The legendary Angelique Star, no wonder they say your beauty was divine." Bethany commented. I didn't reply, but blush a little.

"Of course sis. From all those tapestries, anyone could tell that she is belle." Jane said. I smiled

"Well, we mustn't be late now. Com'on!" Bethany ushered. Lifting herself off the ground.

"I don't know how to fly…." I said.

She laughed. "You probably just forgot, you'll remember when you try it again. You know they say you're the best flyer."

I gulped.

"Don't be afraid. Just lightly kick off and flap your wings at a steady pace." Jane instructed.

I did so and in fact, I did feel myself leave the cloud floor. I felt my wings fly gracefully. Before I knew what I was doing, I was soaring. Higher and higher in the sky. Reaching for the clouds as my wings cut through the air.

"Whoo!" I shouted, spreading my arms out doing loop after loop.

Jane and Bethany giggled.

I laughed along with them. Flying was so fun!

"Let's go." They shouted, flying off into the distance.

I followed them, flying higher and lower and higher again. The other angels looked at me in surprise, I just laughed and winked at them, waving.

We flew all the way to the bright glow in the centre of the sky. Outside the light, we stopped.

"It has been so fun meeting you Angelique! But this is the furthest we can bring you. God awaits you inside. But don't worry, we'll meet again soon!" Bethany exclaimed.

"Thanks so much!" I gushed, pulling them into a hug. Surprised, they returned the hug before flying off.

I slowly flew inside. It was a palace, covered in tapestries that shimmered in the light. The castle was built with clouds, but they were painted. There was a long crimson cloud walkway, I flew down it, admiring the tapestries. There was me! And Andre, fighting back to back. I was confused, was Andre and I that close? Wasn't he just my guardian angel? Then I remembered Jane or Bethany telling me we were getting ready to be married. Oh gosh, it must've been horrible for him, knowing his bride to be has to be sent to earth.

My thoughts were interrupted when I heard myself being drawn to the end of the walkway. I prepared to hit the cloud wall at the end since there was nothing there, bracing myself covering my head with my arms, closer, closer, and then I hit it, yet I went right through it! Speeding through fog and not knowing where I was going, I was drawn on and on. I couldn't pull away, the drawing force was much too strong, after several attempts of failure, I gave in.

Then I felt myself go through some kind of barrier, everything was instantly crystal clear. It was as if I was in some sort of bubble, I could see the whole of heaven and exactly what the angels were doing! There was a throne make completely out of clouds that glimmered with gold. On the cloud throne, I saw a man, with sun coloured hair that reached his shoulders, hazel eyes filled with dignity, a pure white robe that sent off glows, and an aura around him. It was god. This was no dream, this was true.

I gasped before I could stop myself. God merely chuckled a deep laugh.

"Ggoddd…." I sputtered.

"It's ok Angelique. I know you don't remember anything clearly. Seeing me may be a shock, but you will get use to it." He had a warm coarse yet soothing voice.

I calmed down.

"Angelique, come over." He asked me as he walked to the other side of the huge bubble, where a room was located.

I cautiously walked over.

"To retain all your memory back, you must-" He started.

"Isn't my memory permanently erased?" I asked, cutting him off, forgetting that I was actually talking to God.

"It was suppose to be, but I never did it…" He trailed off.

"Why not?" I asked, curious.

"Well…I knew that you'd come back…."

"You're psychic?!" I asked in disbelief.

"Yes Angelique, yes, and you are too…."

"Me?!" I exclaimed.

He nodded.


"When you became my equal, you attained that talent."


"Yes, every angel had at least one talent."

"Really? Then what are my talents? How do I get them back? Can I even get them back?" I threw the questions at him.

"Angelique, do not overexcite yourself." He said calmly, slightly laughing.
This strangely, had an effect on me, sounding familiar yet far away. I guess he must've seen my pondering expression, because he said "Remembering this are you?"

I nodded, thinking hard.

"I use to say it to you all the time." He explained.

Then it went through, instantly I saw an image of him scolding at me.

"Let's go get your memory back."

"Is it even possible?"

"Yes, of course."

He walked over to a brightly lit room. It was quite empty except for all those huge floating stars, they seemed to be glowing. I reached out to touch one, yet before I did, God drew my hand back. I was so close I felt the warmth from it.

"Angelique, these are magic stars, do not touch any, they can be dangerous." He informed me.

"Ok." I said.

"Ah…this is it…." God said as he walked over to a pink glowing star. He beckoned his hand for me to follow.

I did.

"Now, just place your halo around the point that is facing upwards on the star." He instructed.

Unsure, I reached over my head, and tried to get my halo. It wouldn't come off. As I struggled to grab it, it stayed floating in mid air.

"Place your hands around them and feel their warmth, let it sink into you." God hinted.

I did so. Before long, I felt the glowing halo in my hands. Carefully, I gently put in around the north point of the star. The minute I let go, I felt waves and waves of memories wash through me.

Just as I felt the waves fade, God places his hand over mine and again, I felt waves of power surge all over me. Slowly, he left my hand and the waves faded.

"What was that?" I asked, stunned.

"That was the memory star, it gave you all your memory back." He explained.

"But I still feel the same…"

"Think of Andre, Angelique."

I did.


"Will you always love me Andre?" I asked, as we walked through the fields of stars.

"Of course." He answered, squeezing my hand.

"Do you think we'll ever have to part?" I asked innocently.

"I don't know, but I'll always go look for you."

"Even if I'm as ugly as a witch?" I joked.

"You'll never be."

We walked on, gazing up at the stars.

"Angel?" He asked.

"Yes?" I asked.

Then, he was on his knees. "Will you marry me?"

He held out a diamond ring carved in a star shape.

"Hm…." I pretended to think. "Nope!"

He looked exasperate. Then the rings floated into the forefinger.

"Hey!" I cried out.

"That's right!"

"What happened? I did not say yes!"

"But this ring's magical, it can tell if you're telling the truth or not."

"I was not lying…." I stifled a giggle.

"Sure you weren't….."

"Was not!" I childishly argued.

"Yes, we all believe you Mrs. Aindrea." He teased.

"Don't call me that! I still own my last name as of this moment Andre Aindrea!"

"Sooner of later you won't." He acknowledged me, winking.


"Oh god!" I exclaimed. "Oh god!"

"Yes?" He asked.

"Oh! I was just saying…" I laughed, turning a bit pink.

"So Angelique, do you feel the same?"

"No…I mean, I know I have the experience, but I just have to refresh it…" I explained.

"I understand."

"I have a question, why did I feel this surge of power when you placed your hand on mine?"

"Well, I'm giving you strength…I know you've been weak at earth."


"Well, run along, and I hope you find your talents soon."

"God….where is um…Andre?" I asked, timidly.

His expression drastically changed. "He is uh….finding your cure…"

"God, is Andre ok?" I asked, straight out.


"Don't lie to me. I saw him." I quietly murmured.

"Angelique, please. Just go find your talent and live." He said, wanting me to leave.

"I saw him, he was falling. He was hurt!" I shouted, exasperated.

"Bye Angelique." He said before I was once again drawn back through the fog and brought to the palace.

I landed swiftly and walked out the palace.

There was something they were hiding from me. And I'm gonna find out whether the like or not.