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"Throw me the Frisbee!" My younger bro Andre shouted. I caught the hurling Frisbee from my best bud Connor.

"Devante! I'll be right back, gotta go grab some food from the car." Connor shouted at me.

"Yeah, cool." I replied.

Andre threw the Frisbee at me, I missed and it flew past me. I turned around, it flew over a little kid and a girl tried to catch it, but missed. She picked it up and flew it directly into my hands. I was astounded. I've never seen a girl with such good aim. I gave her my goofy smile. She smiled back, a plain yet sweet and innocent smile. The little kid, who was probably her sister, tugged at her clothes for her to go, and as she turned, I smiled and winked at her.

I never saw her again.

Or love anyone else.

She had stolen my heart just like that.