Life would be oh so beautiful if things went the way I want them to go.

If my author scripted my life so that my gorgeous boy would love me more than any thing else in the world.

If my author scripted that I should never feel pain or loneliness.

They say – you are your own author, but why can't I script things to go my way?

So that the person I love would know and love me back, to hold me close forever more.

To care for me and love me with no conditions.

But because I can't script that, because life is harsh and unforgiving I'll just have to make do with what I've got.

And baby let me tell you it ain't a lot.

And so if I can't make the rules let's play by their rules.

And I'll find a way past those rules to find something – to be able to break them.

Rules were made to be broken, it's a hard puzzle but I will find a way – to find a way to get to you.

It may not be now or later, but I will eventually find a way. Past the rules of life.