I woke up to find my older sister gone, vanished, disappeared. Madeleine had left, that was my first thought. I didn't know what to do, so I went to mommy and daddy, who were still asleep.

"Mommy! Daddy! Maddy is gone." I said climbing into their bed.

"Nonsense, Cherrie dear. Your sister is still asleep. Now run along and get back to bed. It's still very early." Mommy said to me.

"But mommy, Maddy's gone." I persisted. Trying to convince them.

"Cherrie, I think you're dreaming, now get back to bed. It's only seven." Daddy told me.

"Mommy! Daddy! Maddy. Is. Gone." I said one last time with exasperation.

"Com'on Cherrie! Mommy will tuck you in." Mommy offered, picking me up and starting towards the door.

She carried me into my room, the one I shared with my older sister and screamed. She was so horrified; she dropped me. Luckily, I landed on my soft Barbie rug.

"JOHN! Come quick!" I heard her scream shrilly.

"Janie?" I heard daddy ask as he approached.

"JOHN! Look!" Mommy shouted, forcing him to come faster.

"Oh my…!" Daddy seemed to be lost for words as he stepped into the room.

"Call the police! Quick!" Mommy screamed, looking panic-struck.

"Where's the phone?!" Daddy screamed.

Suddenly, they were running around the house look for the phone even though it was where it always was-beside the dining table.

And that was how my Monday started off-my parents screaming and running all over the place frantically. They paid no attention to me. So I climbed on to the top bunk where Maddy slept-I've always wanted to see what sleeping on top was like-and cuddled into her 'free spirit' blanket.

I woke up later, my nap wasn't exactly pleasant, my sister's pillow was very hard. I pulled my hands under the pillow and felt something hard. Pulling it out, I figured it was a book. A plain black book.

My parent's were talking to the police officer that had arrived. Their conversation was extremely boring, it usually started and ended with "Mr and Mrs Mayfield, please calm down and explain to me what happened exactly.'

I suddenly felt a surge of excitement as I looked and looked at the book that was hidden under Maddy's pillow. It was plain, just a black notebook really. Yet I felt excited as my hands slowly opened it.

April 4/05

I have decided to keep a journal, mom and dad said it might be a good idea. It's really private, so I hope no one will read this. Today has been ok I guess. My day went as usual. Wake up. Breakfast. School. School was horrible, Hannah Steventon kept dangling Liam Tyerson in front me. Apparently, she found out that I like Liam by my "BFF" Wendi. I HATE HATE HATE Wendi, she's so mean! I wish she'd burn and die in the fire of hell! She spilled all my secrets out to Hannah, so Hannah would make her popular. LOWLIFE! Wendi Georgina is a WITCH! Oh, how nice Liam was to me in History, teaching me about the lives of Romans. Secretly, I think Liam DOES care about me. But I dunno, he's not really showing any signs. Well ta ta for now. Gotta go eat dinner, dad's calling.

I slammed the book shut. This was my sister's journal! I had just read it! I feel so bad. She'd kill me! My parent's were still trying to calm down. They think they feel all the pain, but I feel more than them. To them, Maddy is just a daughter after all. But it wasn't Maddy that taught them how to ride a bike, or Maddy that piggy-backed them for seven blocks when they fell. Or Maddy that taught them math, or Maddy that sneaked out with them in the middle of the night to go to the park. Maddy was special to me. And without her, I felt lonely, and no longer special. And without knowing, I felt a droplet of water roll of my cheek and land in Maddy's top bunk-a tear.