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Chapter 7: Liam's Ex

"Maddy? I'm gonna go to work now, make sure you lock the doors and don't open doors for-" Ryden started.

"For strangers. I know! Don't worry about me! Go to work before you're late!" I told him, taking a bite of my pancake from the dining table.

"Ok, but stay safe, 'k?" He ordered before stepping out the front door.

I rolled my eyes; Ryden was so paranoid, like he was my brother or something. I got dressed in my now clean jeans and tee. I needed new clothes and food for the time being. Ryden had been a lifesaver! He had given me two hundred dollars! TWO hundred dollars! He said something about doing his brother a favour. He also let me stay at his flat as long as I kept it clean!

I went to the mall and started to shop. Scanning through the racks and racks of clothes, I chose out the reasonably priced ones that didn't look too bad. I saved up enough money to buy a hair dye to use.

I examined each colour closely, red, brown, blond, blac-

"Well well well, if it isn't Mad Cow…." I heard a voice say with a tone of hatred.

I looked up to see perfect looking Teresa, Liam's ex who got expelled for taking marijuana.

I gulped. "Hiii…" I stuttered.

"Hi. How have you been Mad Cow?" She asked, despising me.

"Ggggooddd…" I stammered feeling frightened.

"Scare, are ya?" She taunted.

"Um…. nnnoooo…" I stumbled over my words again.

"Ah…. Looking at hair products are you? Too bad none of them will make you look any prettier." She pretended to be sad.

"Ssshhhut uuupp…" I tripped over my words.

"It won't be any more useful, you'll still be scared out of your wits Mad Cow." She assured me.

I looked at the floor, hoping she'd leave me alone.

"So…I've heard you ran away…" I felt her look down on me.

"Good job, but you won't last in the streets Mad Cow." She continued on.

I starred at the floor as if I was extremely interested in it.

Before I could process what happened, I felt the burning sensation on my face. Her palm print was on it, clearly visible. "Look at me when I'm talking to you, whore!" She roared.

I lifted my head a bit, barely really. Curtaining my red cheek with my hair, I daringly looked up at her.

"That's right, look up to me!" She growled, voice not as loud as before.

"Why don't I help you make some fast cash?" She lured.

I kept starring at her.

"Here. Go to the back alleyway behind the tattoo shop on Bloor. Don't you dare stand me up. I'm helping you here." She whispered next to my ear before leaving.

I stood there, paralysed with terror. I grabbed into my bag to see if she stole anything of mine. I ran my hands through it: wallet, house keys, bobby pins, tissue, glasses; everything was there! It must be my lucky day!

Then I felt my hands touch little packet of circles. Slowly, I brought it into sight. I gasped and quickly shoved it back in. She wouldn't have. She wouldn't have! I'm dreaming, I'm dreaming! Wake up! Wake up! I shouted at myself.

It didn't work. It was real.

Sirens and alarms went on inside of me. Throw it away! Throw it away! It's wrong! It's illegal! You'll get arrested for it! She's tricking you! She's not helping you! You'll get beat up for it!

What if someone catches me throwing it? I argued with myself. What if they catch me holding it even! What if they find it in me! What if the store alarms go on when I walk out!

She walked out and nothing happened! Just act normal! Normal! Like nothing happened! You can do it! Just meet her! Or she'll find you and murder you! Just go! Nothing's gonna happen! My brain argued with me.

I felt my knees go weak. I sat down and pulled my legs to my chest for support, leaning against the shelves of hair dyes. I took breath after breath. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale.

I must've taken about a hundred before my blood started to flow again. Slowly and hesitantly, I stood up and walked out, ready for the alarms to go any minute. Yet they didn't. I sprinted after. Running like I never had before! Turning the corners and chasing down the main streets, racing to get to the flat.

Once I got there, I locked myself in my room and sat against the door, legs hugged tightly to my chest. I was scared. Terrified to death! How could Teresa be so cruel?! How could she do this to me?! Every part of seemed like it just came out of the freezer, I was so stressed. What should I do with it? Could I really just throw it out?

I walked over to my backpack and pulled out my favourite item: my knife. I resumed my seat against the door and cut my wrist gently. Then, deeper, deeper, deeper, ahh…..that feels so good. It was like my running away, being deserted, my parents divorcing, and Teresa giving me a pack of illegal drugs to sell flooded out of me….