We were six wealthy teens preparing for the hot sizzling summer at a miami florida resort, this was our last summer vacation together right before entering our freshman college year. We were all best friends, we were lovers, sensual friends and secretly desperate cheaters. We were not your typical rich kids just bragging about money, we all had desires that we wanted so bad that even secrets was a risk to desperately get what we desired for, Now all of us sufffered the temptations which revealed secrets was are Surprise. we all had sensual desires and now was time for us to reveal what we intended to expose what happen behind close doors. Now It's time to enter a little game I call : TEMPTED DESIRES ,,,,,,,,,,,,HA,HA,HA...!...


IT was friday night and we all had just arrived In hot miami during our summer vacation.

We drove to this beautiful glamorous Resort on miami beach. The resort was a paid gift from Caprice, she had planned and organized the whole trip for all of us. We all started to walk Into the main entrance from the beach side then enter the luxurious beach house resort. Caprice was standing at the front glass marble door waving her hand to us with a smile full of excitement on her beautiful face, for her to be seen. We all knew that all she wanted was attention, which was the reason she was wearing this short-mini silk skirt which reveal her long slim legs that had all us boy's staring her down from head to toe. She was barely naked, Silk(see through) Braw which kind of exposed her breast,Tall high hills, Her soft long brown hair all hanging down her back. She was dressing as If she was a damn Rich prostitute from miami. We all entered the glamorous beach house, The house was so elegant, All decorated marble floor,fur couches, Jucuzzi bubbled tubs and many more elegant furniture. Then we all went to are rooms up stairs, Sebastian and Chloe had a room together, Tyler and Julez together, Julien and Caprice had separate rooms.

( Sebastian and Chloe In there room talking while unpacting there clothing)

" Did you see what caprice was wearing, she looked like a desperate whore ". said chloe.

" well that's her, let her do whatever she want's, just remember who paid for this trip,baby ". said Sebastian. " I don't care If she paid for this, she should not be dressing like a whore all exposing her huge fake breast in front of us like that, my god what the hell was she thinking ". said Chloe. " If It upsets you so much then go tell her how you feel, Chloe ". Said Sebastian. " I'm not mad at her, I'm just surprise she would do such a thing, who is she trying to impress around here, she has no man ". Said Chloe with an confused attitude. Then as Chloe sits on the bed, Sebastian comes behind her and starts to massage her shoulders gently. " oh... baby, that feels so good, i'm so tired". said Chloe.

" well don't be tired later at night ". Said Sebastian. Then chloe turns around looking at sebastain confused. " why, sebastain ? ". Said Chloe. " you know why..." said Sebastian forming a sexual smile. " oh...Oh...you so stupid,baby ". said Chloe . Then they start kissing eachother laying back on the bed about to have sex,but then Chloe quickly gets up and says "No, sebastian, not now, there's people right next door, let's just wait til later, baby ". said Chloe. " yeah whatever, babe " said kind of upset Sebastian. Then Sebastian just left the room while Chloe went to take a hot shower.

(Tyler and Julez Just finishing having sex right next door all organic looking in the face.)

" Ah...yeah,that was great sex, you just get better everytime, everyday" said Tyler.

" well thank you baby, you were great too, we should do that position more often, that was just the best of them all ". said Julez smiling. Then they kiss eachother . afterwards Julez then gets up out the bed and heads out the room.

" baby where you going " said Tyler all laying in the bed naked under the sheets.

" I'm going to get something to drink then chat with Chloe, I'll be right back, okay,honeybee " said Julez. " sure, don't take so long, I'm not finish with you yet,baby ".

Said Tyler with a sexual smile. " yeah, baby, I'll be back asap, you just be prepared when I get my sexy ass back ". said Julez blowing a kiss to Tyler, then she leaves.

Sebatian then walks by on his way back to his room, while walking he peek's through Caprice's slighly open door and views her removing her silk braw and panties, which now he see's her fully naked as he stares at her huge chunky breast and slim gorgeous legs then she bend's over which exposes her nude ass, as he starts to get hard and sweating. then she turns around and spot's Sebastian staring her down then Sebastain walk's off and enters his room all nervous looking.

(Sebastian In his room while Chloe get's out the shower all wet while she begins to dry herself off and wraps a towel around her hair )

" baby where were you ? " said Chloe. " well, sebastian i'm talking to you...". said Chloe repeated. " Oh...no where, just went to the kitchen and got a cold drink, thats all,babe ". said all nervous Sebastian. " you okay, baby ? ". said Chloe. " sure, why you say that ? ". said Sebastian. " cause your'e sweating ". said Chloe. " oh..but yeah I'm fine, It's just hot downstairs, but I'll be okay ". said Sebastian. " okay baby ". said Chloe.

While Julez exit's out the kitchen with her glass of water, she then spot's Julien out on the back patio entering the Jucuzzi tub while he takes off his shirt showing his musculur chest, Julez then views Julien and she begins to feel on herself feeling all wet and tingling herself. then she drop's the glass of water on the marble floor which catches Julien's attention. Then Julien put's on his shirt and run's in the kitchen, while Julez is on her knee's on the floor picking up the shattered glass while Julien begin's to help her.

" Are you okay,Julez, what happen here ". said Julien.

" oh, I dropped the glass on accident while walking out the kitchen, but i'm fine, thanks for helping me julien ". said Julez. " sure, julez, just be careful next time, see you later ". said julien. Then julien walk's off upstairs to his room while Julez is just shocked after what she did moments ago, then she goes back to her room upstairs.

An hour later at mid-nite Caprice calls everyone downstairs for an annoucement In the relax area. now everyone is surrounded by eachother sitting on the white fur couches, everyone wearing their pajamas clothing then Caprice gives everyone a glass of champaign and a bowl of chocolate Ice cream covered with strawberry syrup.

" hope you all are all enjoying yourselves, but now my friends it's time to play a little game I call TRUTH OR DARE " . said smiling Caprice.

Then everyone just looked at eachother with a curious smile.

" I don't think thats an appropiate game for us, you guys come on., we can play something else instead of that ... ". said Chloe.

" why you scured Ms, wilson ". said Caprice.

"you don't have to say my last name ". said Chloe.

" well thats what your'e acting as If we have an adult supervising us, now you come on, it's just a game, were old enough, everyone can handle it, right everybody ". said Caprice.

" yeah". said Tyler

"sure". said Julez

"yep". said Julien

"yeah,baby, it's just a game". said Sebastian

" so what about it, Chloe you In or out,,,,,,,,,,". said with a suspious smile Caprice.

" sure, let's do It". said Chloe: Looking at Caprice with a curious look.

" that's a good girl". said Caprice.

" I'll go first since it was my Idea to play, okay let me think about this one humm,,,,,,,,,,,,okay I got It Sebastian Truth or dare ? ". said Caprice.

" umm...I guess dare ". responded sebastian.

" okay, Sebastian I dare you to tongue kiss Julez for 10 seconds long ".

Then Caprice looked at Chloe revealing a widen smile, then Sebastian looked at Chloe while she just looked at him all curious about what he was going to do, while Tyler and Julez looked at eachother with no worry at all cause they knew they could trust eachother.

" Well sebastian, go ahead...". said Caprice with a smile

Next Sebastian then turned right across to Julez while she was sitting right next to him, he then went forward to her face very slowing, while everyone just looked at him. He then started to kiss her while she opened her mouth a little bit which they both started thrashing their tongues together slowing and going forward and backward tongue kissing like they were enjoying it. then Chloe said loudly: " okay the ten seconds are over ". they both then ended the kissing session and backed up from eachother then turning back around. Then caprice just began to giggle silently with a smile.

" Okay Caprice It's my turn, I want you to suck...Julien's toes for 20 seconds ". demanding Chloe". you never asked me If I wanted truth or dare". said Caprice.

" what ever, are you chickened to do it ". said Chloe.

" no way, I would do anything and I mean anything". Caprice said as she turned her eyes to Sebastian then looked back at Chloe".

"okay, lets do it Julien, take off your socks and let the sucking begin ". said Caprice.

Julien then removed his socks which then caprice started to sensually suck Julien's toes all slowly one by one. While Julez stared julien down all feeling sexual and Sebastian staring Caprice down.

" Is the 20 seconds over yet ? ". said Caprice.

" that was actually more than 20 seconds ". said Julien.

Then Caprice gave Chloe this boisterous look and Chloe just returned a fony smile at her.

"okay my turn, Um...,Tyler...truth or dare." said Julien.

" truth,buddy ".responded Tyler.

" If you were to have sex with one of the girls tonight, except your girl Julez, who would it be ? ". Said julien.

" wow, that's a question and I have to tell the truth, no offense Sebastian, but it would be Chloe ". responding Tyler.

" It would never happen, but that's the truth ". said Tyler.

" okay, well I guess that's a thanks". said Chloe laughing.

Then everyone starts to laugh.

Later Late nite around 3:A.M everyone is sleep or so we think.

Sebastian gets out his bed not feeling tired to sleep so he walks around silently while Chloe is asleep in the bed. As he's walking he then stop's by Caprice's room and see's caprice all butt naked in the dark standing by the window , viewing the ocean view. He then walks in quietly and walks toward her and then she turns around slowly and they both look at eachother eye to eye and then begin to kiss eachother. He then removes all of his clothing then picks her up and places her in the bed and crawls toward her licking her breast nipples as she moans quietly and the clinch there bodies together forming sex upon eachother.

On the other hand, Julien is in the jucuzzi and then Julez comes down stairs lurking in the dark by the kitchen back door window then she starts to tingle herself again, then Julien spots her and gives her this sensual look, while he lick's his lips and she feels on herself. she then walks out the door and walks slowing toward the juzzi tub then starts removing her clothing then getting in the tub completely nude, he then gets naked and they both start making out and contemplating sex in the juzzi.

While In the room Tyler wakes up and doesn't see Julez , so he gets up out the bed and walks the hall's and then head's downstairs toward the kitchen section. then...