Now as Tyler Is creeping down the stairs Silently wearing his huge Fur-robe, He then enters the pure dark kitchen and goes toward the refrigerater to get a glass of milk and chocolate chip cookies. Then he hears water noises. So then Tyler closes the refrigerater and heads toward the back marble window by the Jucuzzi view. Then when he views out the glass window, he see's nobody Insight, but see's water In the Jucuzi bubbling as If somone just got out of It. Then he head's back up stairs and enters his room and stops at the door and see's Julez In the bed sound asleep with her back turn to the side with her back facing him. He then gets into the bed, under the sheets and turns to Julez and reaches over and gives her a kiss on the cheeks and turns back around and goes to sleep, while Julez on the other side with her eyes slightly opening with a guilty look on the face then goes to sleep. The next morning after, It's now around 11:A.M and everyone Is preparing to wake up.

" Oh my..., what the fuck...shit, I got to get the fuck out of here". said Sebastian nervously. " Don't leave me, sebastian we can continue are after dark speacial, come on, Chloe is sleep, stay,baby...this time I won't make any noise...". said smiling Caprice. " No...caprice, I have to go now before she wakes, she Is probaly already awoke.". said Sebastian. Then as sebastian puts on his pajamas clothing while sitting on the bed, Caprice starts to kiss all over him as he trys to move her further away from him.

" Just quit it, Caprice, I have to go to my room now ! ". demanding Sebastian.

" You know you want me, sebastian, Me and you made passionate love last nite and we can continue now, make love to me, sebastian...". said Caprice, going further towards Sebastian. then Sebastian gets up and walks toward the door and looks back at Caprice. " look Caprice, I love Chloe, You are just a desire to me, okay, nothing more, Chloe is my life, I love her very much, maybe If there was no chloe In my life Then Me and you could have something going on ". said Sebastian as he exit's Caprices room and Tiptoe's to his room silently. As he walk's Inside his room , he sneaks to his side of the bed and gets under the cover quietly beneath the sheets and acts as If he's falling Asleep, While Chloe Is on the other side with her eyes wide open curious about where Sebastian had came from so early In the morning.

Later that morning around 11:30.A.M., everyone heads dowstairs Scenting the delicious smell of Home-made breaskfast which was prepared by Caprice. So now everyone is surrounded by the Patio table area Outside. They all begin to eat, there's no mingling going on, It was frozen quiet. Then Caprice speaks out loud upon everyone making a smile. " So guys, how was last night, our little game we played ? ". said Caprice.

Then that's when they all started looking at eachother in curious ways. Julez and Julien look at eachother then Chloe, Sebastian and Caprice view eachother.

" okay I got an Idea..., lets all head to the beach...that'll be fun, so everyone go put on some beach wear and lets go have some fun. Then everyone gets up at the patio table leaving with complete silence.

(Tyler and Julez preparing to go to the beach, while In ther room)

" baby, you okay ,you v'e been acting strange during breakfast, you feel okay, Julez baby ". Said Tyler. " sure, I'm okay, Just a little tired from last night, boo, but I'm fine". responding Julez. " yeah, there were a lot of surprises going on last night, but it was fun though ! ". Said Tyler. " yeah, a lot of surprises...". said Julez in a curious look. " well lets go have some more fun at the beach, you ready,babe ". said tyler. " yeah,baby, let's go ". said Julez.

( Sebastian and Chloe In there room preparing also)

" so the breakfast was amazing..., caprice sure can cook ". said Sebastian.

" yeah, I bet it was good.". said Sebastian. " what's that suppose to mean, Chloe ?". said Sebastian. " Sebastian don't get this twisted on me, you're always focussing your attention toward's Caprice as If she's your girlfriend, and no attention for me ". said Chloe. " that's not true, I don't care about CaPrice's cooking ". said Sebastian.

" not her damn cooking, I'm talking about me,me,me ". said quickly Chloe.

" look baby, I love you okay, I'm not focussing my attention toward her, I want you, Chloe, you're the love of my life ". said Sebastian. " do you still have feelings for Caprice ". said Chloe. "how could you ask me that question, no.., me and Caprice are way over, we are just friends now, okay, I'm' in love with you, only you ". said sebastian. "yeah, I'm just trippin, Just a little jealous of you and caprice talking last night, baby, I'm sorry for asking you those questions, I love you too !". said Chloe.

" I know baby, It's okay, you were just worried, let's just go to the beach and have some fun out there ". said smiling Sebastian. Then they both hugged eachother and kissed.

Then everyone heads out to the beach and just relaxes in the sand and chilling in the water. While everyone Is outside Julez forgets her towel In the resort and heads back there to get It. As she enters through the patio door, she views julien removing his shirt and she gets turned on by It, then Julien spots her and licks his lips giving her a sensual look to head his way, then she looks back at the beach and views everyone just outside relaxing, she then walks toward Julien and they both start to make out slipping down to the fur couches slowing, making out with eachother.

Then Caprice walks in the patio door and hears kissing noises, she then peeks around the corner, with a shock, she see's Julien and Julez making out, and then she smiles and heads back outside smiling, waving her hand, walking with her hips moving side to side slowing. Back In the house Julien and Julez complete their kissing session and look at eachother eye to eye, then Julez gets up with a guilty look and walks off, but then Julien grabs her back to him.

" but Julez don't just leave, so...".said Julien. " look Julien I like you alot, but...". said Julez. " but...Tyler, then break up with him ". said Julien. " I can't do that ". said Julez. " why not...I don't understand ". said Julien. " because I love him, I'm sorry Julien, I love Tyler so much ". Said Julez. " yeah, whatever ". said Julien. Then Julien walks off and heads to the beach ,going their separate ways, while Julez walks back to the beach toward Tyler. Then Caprice looks at them both with a suspious looking smile and nod's her head.

Now It's night time around 8:P.M and everyone Is preparing to go to the Nite club to hang out. Everyone get's dress and gets In Caprices Black and White Limo, which they head to the nite club. They all exit the limo and enter the club . The loud R-n-B music playing, people dancing wild and drinking liqour. Sebastian heads to the drink bar to get Chloe and himself some drinks, then Caprice heads over to the bar.

" so you having fun, Sebastian, cause I am". said caprice.

" yeah, I'm just getting some drinks for me and Chloe ". said Sebastian.

" chloe look's tired, maybe If you get rid of her, me and you can have some real fun, like last night ". said smiling Caprice. " see ya later, caprice...". said Sebastian, as he walked off back to Chloe.

" baby you feeling okay, I got you some water ". said Sebastian.

" I'm really tired, I'm just go leave baby, okay, you can stay ". said Chloe.

" you sure, do you want me to come with you ? ". said Sebastian.

" No just stay here and have some fun with the boy's, I'll be fine, honey". said Chloe.

" okay, you know where the limo is right ". said Sebastian.

"yeah, don't worry I'll be alright, just go have fun ". said Chloe.

" okay, baby, I'll see you tonight ". said Sebastian.

Then Chloe heads out the club and goes to the limo and the driver takes her back to the resort. She then enters the resort and heads to the kitchen to get a glass of water, then she see's Tyler outside at the patio table just relaxing looking at the ocean view. Then she walk's to the door and slides It open and enters the patio.

" Hey, Tyler, I didn't know you were home, I thought you were at the club, what happen ?". said Chloe. "oh nothing, I just felt tired, the club was too noisy, I had to get back to a quiet place, so I came back here, how about you ". said Tyler.

" yeah, me too, feeling kind of tired, it's so windy out here, the sky look's so beautiful during this time, I love It ". said Chloe. " thats why I come out here just to look at the sky and think about things, you know ". said Tyler. "yeah, so peaceful ".

So you having fun so far out here In miami". said Tyler. " yeah, It's just Caprices little games are not that fun...that was messed up how she told your girlfriend and my boyfriend to make out, she knew that would get us mad ". said Chloe.

" yeah, I wish we could do something to get even ". said Tyler. "yeah, but We can't, remember It was just a game". said Chloe. "yeah just a untruth game ". said Tyler.

" really...Tyler when you said You could have sex with somebody other than your girlfriend Julez. It would be ME, was that true...? ". said Chloe. "...yeah, very true ". said Tyler. " well again thanks, you were acting as If you had a crush on me or something ". said Chloe. " yeah because I did have a crush on you ". said Tyler.

" what...". said Chloe. " look...I think It's time for me to confess. look Chloe I had a crush on you sophomore year.., when sebastian and caprice were going out and julez wasn't even In the picture, I had a secret crush on you ". said confessing Tyler.

" but I thought you had a crush on Julez, that why I hooked you two up". said Chloe.

" No..., I really had a crush on you, I just never told you, since all you would talk about was my best friend sebastian, so I just hook up with Julez, but really I liked you all that time..., and the point Is I still have a crush on you ". said Tyler.

Then Tyler removes his shirt, Chloe removes her tank top and Tyler heads over to Chloe and they both start grabing eachother so feircely and kissing eachother so romantically and as they kiss eachother they slouch upstairs to Chloe's bedroom and then remove all their clothing and thrust with eachother all on the bed having sex.

10 minutes later, everyone then arrives back at the resort through the front entrance and enters the house and heads to the kitchen, Sebastian calls for Chloe then he plunges upstairs quickly and Is now at his room door, Then...