Now It was about 10:30 P.M at night and everyone has arrived at the resort.

Sebastian Is now kind of exhausted, so he tries to enter his room door, but the door is locked as he constantly twistes the marble knob, then as Sebastian knocks on it, Caprice comes from behind him, knowing he's wasted from drinking gin, so she wraps her hands around his waste as he sway's away from her. Then she grabs his hands and pull's him toward her room across the corner. After they both are now Inside Caprice's master bedroom, she then locks her door, Sebastian then dashes toward her bed while laying on his backside. Then she climbs on top of him giving him smooth kisses upon the nape of his neck, as she removes his shirt working herself down to his pants then boxers.

" what..t...ah...you...doing...caprice...ah...". said Sebastian In a wasted exhausted mood . " I'm just trying to have fun like you promise me, baby". said Caprice In a seducing way. " But, I never said...that..t , I have to ..go to ...Chloe...". said Sebastian.

" she's fine.., she had the door lock, she probaly wants to be alone right now, just let her rest ". said Caprice. " But...I can't...do this with you...It's not right...". said Sebastian. " Well sometimes pleasures are not right to do, but they sure feel so damn good ". said Caprice as she began to lick him all over his muscular chest so exotic. Then he tried to keep further from her body, but she reached closer to him with every Inch of her body towards her.

" Stop...we can't, I can't..., I...have to...ah...leave now ". said Sebastian getting erotic touching from Caprice. " yes we can sebastian, don't try to force it, you know you want me, just look at me, don't you want to lick me up, grab me from behind, pull me In, rub me all wet beneath..., come on Sebastian you know you want me , make love to me Sebastian, right now, this very moment, do me baby...". murmuring Caprice. Then Caprice force physical seducing by removing her Ivory braw while licking her thick brest nipples focussing her beautiful cinnamon hazel eyes directly at Sebastian's lime green eyes. Then she slowly removed her ebony panties down her legs, taking It off leg beneath leg.

" come on Sebastian, make passionate love to me, do me, I'm all your's Sebastian ". said Caprice seducing him. Then Sebastian began to get horny and then snatch Caprice toward him, They both constantly rolled upon eachother all over Caprices creamy pearl bed sheets, Sebastian licking Caprice's breast so romatically, while she swoops her hands through his smooth thick licorice black hair, moaning his name.

On the other hand, Julez and julien are downstairs On the patio area sitting down In the chairs while the wind blows In such a swishing sound. Then they both look at eachother so cryptically.

" So the club was great julien". said Julez. while Julien just turned his face around the opposite direction and Ignored her chatter.

" well julien...are you going to speak to me...? ". questioned Julez.

" Fine don't speak, oh...are you mad about earlier today... ? ".said Julez.

Then Julien turned back towards Julez with a obvious look.

" what do you think Julez, you have sex with me then tell me It didn't mean anything to you, how am I suppose to act around you now ". said Julien In a snappy way.

" I never said that, I said I loved Tyler, I can't do this to tyler, he loves me, me and you are just...friends that made a mistake". said Julez. " so all of a sudden It was a mistake, I don't think It was a mistake, julez ". said Julien. " so what do you think It was, then ". said Julez. " I think you wanted It, just ammit it, you have a love desire toward me ". said Julien. " no I don't, I love tyler, tyler Is my only love desire, no one else ". said Julez. " you're lieing, just face the facts, you desire me, I know you do, you don't have to lie to me,...I desire you too, the truth is your'e not just a friend to me, you're more than a friend to me, I have always wanted more than a friendship with you Julez, we have known eachother since we were like 10 years old, then we both went to Spartan High During sophomore year and I wanted to tell you so bad how much I liked you, but then Tyler pop Into the picture, so you tell me what's right

now ". said Julien. " I love you Julez and I know someday you'll tell me the truth". said". Julien as he got from the patio area and headed Inside the house leaving Julez alone outside In the patio area.

(Tyler and Chloe waking up all shocked under the sheets naked then looking at eachother nervous).

" oh my god..., did we, no, but did we really...". said Chloe. " yeah, I'm sure we did". said Tyler slouching up from beneath the covers. " Oh my, They might be home, we have to put our clothes back on and you have to leave now, hurry up ". said Chloe.

" I'm going...". said Tyler as he got dressed .

" so that was a surprise earlier, what the hell are we going to do..., I feel guilty". said Chloe. " well at least I confessed about my crush toward you, look Chloe nothing has change, I still like you ". said Tyler. " But tyler you have a girlfriend and I have a boyfriend, and the bad thing about It...I like you too, and the sex...was...". said Chloe. " look Chloe I don't regret the sex we had, but sooner or later were going to have to tell Sebastian and Julez ". said Tyler. " we can't..., oh my god, what have I done...". said Chloe. Then Tyler went toward Chloe and started to kiss her , but after 4 seconds of the kiss she then softly pushed him away from her.

( Sebastian waking up from the sex he had with Caprice).

" hey, baby, you were good, like Mr,good bar, oh..the sex was great ". said Caprice beneath her sheets holding her silk pillow upon her virgina.

" I have to go now ". said Sebastian as he began walking toward the door ready to walk out of Caprice's room. Then caprices rushes toward him and grabs his hands.

" We made bittersweet love sebastian right In my bed for the second time, now I know you love me, so get rid of Chloe, you love me ". said Caprice. " ...I have to go caprice, let me go". said Sebastian. " Say It sebastian, say you love me...please say It". said Caprice In a desperate way. Then Sebastian shoved his hand away from her and went out the room, while Caprice took one of her pillows and threw It across the wall In a ranging temper.

On the other hand, Julez enters the house and mutters to herself.

" The truth Is Julien I love you too, more than a friend ". mutter silently Julez.

Then she walks In the house and walks upstairs, then stops and goes to the room next to her, which Is Chloe and Sebastian's room. She goes to the door and stop's and turns the door knob and then opening It slowly as It turns. Then...