Dark Secret

Chapter 1

It was a dark cloudy day in the middle of May and three cousins were driving through the country side on their way to the mall in the city. Margaret's long brown hair whipped around her tan face, as she drove through the country side. She wiped her hair out of her face, then turned to set her brown eyes on the passenger. Margaret smile at her cousin Alyssa who gave her a very big smile in return. Alyssa looked so much like her cousin Margaret, except the her hair was more of a dark brown and her brown eyes were much lager then Margaret's.

Once Margaret turn back to face the road, Alyssa turned around to face the person in the back seat. She put on a fake smile towards her cousin Megan, who's short red fizzy hair was blowing in the wind. Megan turned her pale face away from the window, so she could rest her pale bluish green eyes on Alyssa and gave a little smile.

But their three cousin's smiles soon faded when a loud rumbling noise was heard and a bright light flashed across the sky. They barely had enough time to roll up their windows before a dark thick curtain of rain came pouring down on them. The rain was so thick that Margaret could barely see the road.

"Hey, guys I think we need to pull over some where until the this storm stops" Margaret yelled over the thunder and rain. "So look for a spot to stop at." With that Alyssa and Megan started looking out of their windows hoping to find a spot to pull over at.

It was about a couple of minutes before Alyssa spotted a place where Margaret to pull into. "Hey look there's an old Manor up head, we can park up there." Alyssa yelled to Margaret.

Margaret turned her head towards where Alyssa had pointed to. "I don't know, Alyssa. Do you think anyone lives there?" Margaret asked Alyssa, "Because I don't want to bug them if someone does live there."

"I don't think there is anyone living there, it looks like nobodies lived in that house for like ages." Alyssa said as Margaret drove up the drive way that lead to the Old Scary Manor.

"I don't like the looks of this house you guys." Megan said, "It gives me the creeps. I don't think we should go in."

But it was to late, Margaret and Alyssa had dragged her out of the car and were heading towards a big oak door which would lead them to the unknown. They stood there on the Manors old porch in their damp clothes for several minutes in complete silences. Margaret, having enough time in silences was the first to speak; "So, which one of us is going to knock?" she asked the both of them.

"Do you reely think we need to knock? I'm telling you, No One Is H-O-M-E!" Alyssa said to Margaret.

"I just want to make sure. How would you like if someone just came into your house uninvited?" Margaret asked Alyssa.

Alyssa had a look of deep thought on her face, after a couple of seconds Alyssa answered, "I would be fucking pissed! I mean, come on people its called knocking. So that's why I think you should knock." Saying the last part as she moved out of Margaret reach.

"What! Why should I be the one who has to knock? Why can't you or Megan do it? I mean, you are the one that found this 'Lovely Place'." Margaret said the last part as she wiped her finger across the railing of the porch. She wiped the dust off on her pants before continuing, "Even Megan can knock on the door! I just don't see why I have to." She said while crossing her arms against her chest.

"Well, for one, I'm the prettiest one here. Just joshin'!" she added, seeing the look on Margaret's face, that of 'Keep being conceited and you'll be the deadest one out of us'. "Ok, but for real, I'm your favorite cousin. And if there is some psycho killer behind this door, I'll be the first one dead. Then where would you be? With out me, that's where! No one to make you smile, laugh, cry, and no one to help you out with stupid shit. And that is why I can't knock," Alyssa bowed as she finish her last words, as Margaret nodded her head to agreement.

Margaret Knew that she couldn't and wouldn't let Alyssa die, she knew if it was either her or Alyssa, she choose herself. But wait Margaret thought, what about Megan? She could care less if she died. "If she died, there would be no one to copy you" the little devil in her head said.

"But she is your cousin, you are responsible for her. You will be blame if she dies." the angel said.

The angel was right, she would be blame for Megan's death. Damn her! All the while, Alyssa and Megan were watching Margaret as she was in deep thought. None of them were even aware that they themselves were being watched.. (results)

"Ok, Megan, it's your turn. Tell me why you shouldn't be the one who knocks?" Margaret asked.

"Well, I'm the youngest" she started.

"Well no shit!" Margaret thought before turn her attention back to Megan.

"And you're responsible for me," Megan finish with the words Margaret did not want to hear.

"Damn her, Damn her to Hell! Just fucking great! Now I have to knock. If I die I'm coming back and killing her myself!" Margaret thought to herself, before she spoke. "Well, then I guess I'm the one who's knocking." She said as she put on a 'I Hate You' face and directed towards Megan.

As she walked towards the door the only thing that kept on repeating inside her head was this, " Please God, I know that I'm not as good as I should be, but please, please, let there be not Psycho Killer behind this door! Ok, if there is some Psycho Killer in there make sure he kills Megan too, and not Alyssa." And with this final thought Margaret had reach the front door. She raised her hand, turned her head around to look at Alyssa and Megan, and nodded, before turning back towards the door.

Her hand was shaking as she reach the out to knock on it, but when her fist lightly tapped the door it slowly open. Margaret slowly enter the house with Alyssa and Megan ten feet behind just in case there was some Psycho Killer in there. "Hello, is anyone home?" Margaret asked out loud, but no answer came. "I think there's no one here," she said to Alyssa and Megan.

"Are you sure?" Megan asked from behind Alyssa who just rolled her head at Megan.

"Megan, I thought you were Ms. Tough girl?" Alyssa said in a sarcastic tone. Megan didn't answer, but you could tell that she was pissed off. "Its like I said a minute ago, no one lives here…" but Alyssa's words where cut off by the sound of the door shutting with a bang and a click as it locked its self.

"What the fuck is going on in here!" Margaret yelled as she tried to open the door, banging on it yelling at it to "Open!" Alyssa and Megan also joined in, but suddenly stopped once they heard an "AHEM" from behind them.

"My, My, what are Three Lovely Ladies doing out so, late at night? With no one to protect them?" A male's voice from the dark stair way…

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