Chapter 5: Caught here in a fiery blaze, won't lose my will to stay!

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The guys made there way down the stairs, having a very quiet conversation amongst themselves. Adam was the first one to break out of the little conversation, seemly utterly bored with it decided to announce their arrival.

"Oh, little darlings we're back and we brought you guys a little snack." Adam said breaking the conversation Drake and Damien were having. Only to be silence by what laid ahead of them.

There laying in front of them was Margaret paler then the moon, shivering from beneath the blanket. Alyssa and Megan who were standing at the end of the cot moved to block Margaret from view. Alyssa glared at the guys, "Aren't you going to do anything? How about some fucking medicine, you fucking retards!" Alyssa yelled at the guys.

"Shit, guys! One of your girls is already sick." Drake said in a semi angry voice.

"Shut the fuck up Drake," Damien hissed as he placed the food tray he was carrying and set it onto the floor. He then quickly walked over to the cell's door to unlock it. "Now don't get any stupid ideas. If I see you trying to make a run for it, I'll kill your little friend her."

Megan nodded her head and moved away from the cot, while Alyssa stayed exactly in her stop.

"Look you better not try any funny stuff, and I'll stay in this little cell. Asshole." Alyssa said in low angry voice while muttering the last part.

She move away from the cot to stand right next to Megan, watching Damien like a hawk. Damien sent Alyssa a death glare, as if he heard her muttering comment. Damien open the cell door and walked towards Margaret.

Once he got to the cot were Margaret laid, he placed the back of his right hand onto Margaret's forehead.

Margaret quickly jerked away from Damien's hand. "Shit your hand is fucking cold," Margaret spoke weakly as she tried to get away from Damien's cold hand.

"Fucking A, do you want me to help you?" Damien said in a threating tone, while giving her his famous death glare.

"Margaret, stop and let these guys help you. Even if they are kidnapping bastards" Alyssa spoke shortly after Damien had spoken.

Margaret smiled a weak smile at her cousin, and stopped her struggling. Damien placed the back of his right hand on Margaret's forehead again. It only took a second, before he moved it way from her. "Drake, she's burning up." Damien said to Drake who was by Adam standing by the cell door.

Drake made his way toward Damien's side. Once he reach the cot he also placed the back of his hand on her forehead. "Shit, your right, she's fucking burning up. We need to move her up stairs, so we can give her some kind of medication to stop this fever." Drake said as Margaret slip into the black obis of unconscious. "She might die if we don't do anything" Drake told Damien to see what he would do.

"You are going to help her right? I mean your not going to let her die, are you?" Alyssa asked a little afraid that they might say 'yes they would let her die'.

"Don't worry love," Adam said from Alyssa's side. "We'll help your friend." He said as he placed his arm around her shoulders.

Alyssa slowly turned her face towards Adam's face, which was lighten up by the moon light. The brightest and sharpest green eyes she has ever seen laid behind his untidy black hair. She let her eyes roam over his tan body, which seem to of a perfect color. He wasn't pale and yet he didn't have 'I spend all day in the sun' tan. He had an athlete's body, nicely defined and tone muscles, not in a body builders way. He had a strong jaw line with a little stubble on his chin. He was around the same height as Drake maybe an inch taller. He looked to be around the same age as Drake and Damien.

Alyssa soon realized that she had be staring at Adam, she quickly turn her head back to wear Damien and Drake were talking in low whispers. "What I'm I thinking? How can I even look at this guy and think he's cute, when Margaret's Hell sick." She quickly turned her attention back to Damien and Drake.

"Do you guys have, an extra bedroom set up?" Drake asked looking at Damien who had an uncanny look on him.

"No, the only rooms that are set up are mine, yours, and Damien's." Adam answered when Damien didn't.

"Ok, then which room are we going to put her in?" Drake asked this time looking at Adam with one of his eyebrows raise as if he was asking, ' What are you doing with that girl?'

Adam seem to know what his brother was thinking, so he was about to answer the unspoken and spoke question but Damien spoke before he could get a word out.

"She'll stay in my room, until she gets better." Damien said trying to hide the smirk that was trying show.

Drake just stare at Damien trying to figure out what's wrong with him. "Why is he being so nice? He's up to something, I just don't know what it is." Drake thought to himself before agreeing with Damien.

"I think we should move her before she wakes up. That way we don't have to put up with her constant struggling." Damien told Drake who only nodded in agreement.

Drake helped Damien lift Margaret up into Damien's arms. "Hey what the fuck do you think your doing?" Alyssa said from where she was stand beside Adam. "I'm not going to let you take My cousin. For all I know you guys will rape her." She practically yelled at them.

"Don't worry, no one" Drake said placing a look towards Damien, "and I mean no one is going to rape your cousin. All we're going to do is help her get better. I promise you." Drake finish with a soft smile as to reassure Alyssa.

Alyssa thought about what Drake said, she knew she couldn't trust them and Margaret will surely kill her if she found out. But what other choice did she have, none that's what. She slowly nodded her head, "Ok, just don't trying anything funny or else." She said in a threating tone.

Damien and Drake started to head towards the cell door with Margaret laying bridal style in Damien's arms. Drake turned around to face Adam, "Adam, don't forget to feed the girls before you head back up stair got that?" Drake told Adam as a mother would do a child.

"Yeah, I got it" Adam said in an irate voice.

Adam, Alyssa and Megan all watched Damien and Drake leave with Margaret from the cell. Adam turned his gaze onto Alyssa when he could no longer see them. He could clearly see worried look sketch onto her face, he then turned his attention to Megan to see that she had no emotion except the look of boredom sketch on her face. "Man what a cold hearted bitch this girl is. Doesn't she care that her cousin could die, or get rape? I wonder if she cares that she or her cousins could die in a blink of an eye? Probably not."

After pondering this Adam turned his attention back onto Alyssa, "Don't worry love, I'm sure that they will do everything and anything to get your cousin back to healthy again." Adam said in a soft loving voice to reinsure Alyssa that everything will be alright.

Alyssa came back to reality once Adam was done talking. She looked at her right arm to notice that Adam had started to rub her arm. "How long has he been rubbing my arm? Better yet, why is he so fucking close to me?" Alyssa asked herself before she pulled her body and arm way from Adam.

"And why in the Hell should I believe a single word you say!" Alyssa said angrily at Adam, whom seem to be about to answer before she cut him to the punch. "I mean you and your friends are the one's keeping me and my cousins here against are wills. Probably planning on raping us then killing us. So why in the fucking Hell would I believe you!" Her voice raise with every word until she practically yelled at Adam.

Adam's cool composure faded away when Alyssa started to yell at him. "Who does this bitch think she is? And why in the Seventh Hell was I being nice to her? God fucking damn it, I need to get laid soon." Adam thought to himself before he decided to talk.

"You know, I don't have to feed you, right?" he sad with a little evil smirk playing on his lips.

Both Alyssa and Megan got a worried look on their face once Adam finish his sentence. "Shit! I just made a huge mistake. I'm fucking starving, and knowing Megan she's fucking dieing from starvation. Ok, calm down Alyssa, all you have to do is say sorry, flirt a little bit, and then flirt some more. Ok, sexy time!" Alyssa thought to herself.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to say that" Alyssa said while grabbing onto Adam's left upper arm and giving him a flirtation smile. "I'm just really worried about my cousin, she's like a sister to me. You know how it is with family, right?" Alyssa asked hoping beyond hope that he would understand and feed them.

Adam seem to be thinking about what Alyssa just said. "Nope, I've never felt that way about anyone." The smile that Alyssa was wearing was washed away with that answer.

"Is this bitch trying to make me feel sorry for her? Jesus Christ, who the fuck does she think she is? I've never felt sorry in my entire life. And does she really think I'm going to feed her and her fat cousin, after she yelled at me?

"God, I was being nice. Well, I was hoping I would get laid but that's beside the point. She fucking yelled at me. I bet she thinks I'm like Drake, always had a soft spot for her kind. Pathetic really. Well, she's not getting any food from me. That will teach her to be nice to me." Adam thought to himself.

"Are you trying to sweet talk me into giving you food?" Adam asked while pulling his arm away from Alyssa grasp.

"No, I'm really, really sorry. I didn't mean to say those things, please forgive me!" Alyssa said with her head hanging down and a sad tone to her voice.

"Ha, don't make me laugh you stupid bitch!" Adam waited a moment to let in sink into the cousin's that they wouldn't be getting feed tonight, well at least not by him. "Hasn't anyone ever told you 'Not to bite the hand that feeds you'? Because, according to my account, you've bitten me twice in the last couple of hours.

"I guess its true what they say, 'What goes around comes around' or something like that. Maybe you'll learn from this." Adam said was he walked outside of the cell and grabbing the cell door in his hand. "When your good and died," he said as he slammed the cell door shut, laughing all the way up the stairs with the food trays in hand.

"Fucking Jerk!" Alyssa yelled once she heard the door slam shut and the laughing dieing away.

"Just great Alyssa, you had to go and piss off the guy who was going to feed us!" Megan said sarcastically to Alyssa while clapping her hands to gather. "Not the sharpest tool in the shed are we now?"

"You know what Megan, Margaret isn't here to save you this time. And it isn't my fault that he's a jackass! Ten bucks says he wasn't even going to feed us!" Alyssa yelled at Megan.

"Yeah, well thanks to you we'll never find out if he would have. I mean they didn't just bring down food for us, to not give it to us."

"How do you know? That's probably what they planned to do." Alyssa said cutting off Megan.

Megan just pretended not to have heard Alyssa, and continued on talking. "I mean if Margaret wasn't sick, I bet we would be eating right now." Alyssa just rolled her eyes. "So, its really yours and Margaret's fault that I'm not eating right now."

That was all Alyssa could take, blaming her was ok, but blaming Margaret when she wasn't even around to defend herself was crossing the line. Before Megan could even realized what happen Alyssa lunged at her Fat Smelly Dirty Body.

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