I think of ...

Kissing a hand or cheek before heading for you face.

Holding open a door for you.

Looking at your face, not your body.

Walking on the outside of the sidewalk.

Thinking about you, not your family.

When you cry, he doesn't shrivel, he holds your hand.

Pulling out your chair for you.

Calling you 'pookie' in front of other people.

Being in the present, not the past.

Watching chick flicks with you.

Thinking about how pretty you are, not sex.

Noticing you look beautiful, if not your new hairstyle.

Helping you carry your books/groceries.

Asking you to take off the makeup for your dates.

Loving you when you wear faded sweatpants and a pajama shirt.

These are the things you must do to achieve Love-

Without Lust

Aaah. I actually thought up like the first half of this when I was up with mild insomnia a few nights ago. Hee hee. Tell me how much you wanna marry this guy. The perfect love, no? I think it's probably just me, but I always think of kissing as something for the comfort of physical contact, not lust. It would make EVERYTHING more meaningful.