Hey, dude, what's your damage?

I've always thought that was a great phrase. Not the 'hey, dude.' The last part. Isn't nearly all anger caused by some damage, emotional or physical, some wrong that causes a deterioration of one sort or another? And anger is what spurs repercussions. Anger is what drives us to wrong again, causes the vicious cycle to continue, so that the next generation will learn it from their forefathers.

What's your damage...

I want to be a philosopher. But there's no occupation for a philosopher, is there? No place for a deep thinker, in this shallow society. The deep thinkers are those who suffer the most labels. Nerd. Snob. Suck-up. Things like that, depending on how the thinking is carried out, and what it's used for.

Queen bees and wanna-bes.

The labels cause anger. Anger causes labeling, to get back for teasing or something. Labels are just words, aren't they?

Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me.

And the labels determine what level of chauvinism and male domination are still welded onto our society. After all, big old men aren't supposed to be hurt by that. Women are supposed to be fragile and everything, right? But men don't need to worry about it. They worry about guns and stoning and everything like that.

You big fat jerk.

It echoes there, too. Women are tiny, delicate creatures, compared to big, hulking men. We are, though, aren't we? But why should physical structure determine which group is dominant? Why should men rule us? Then again, why should women? Should women even deserve equality?

You should know your place.

Where is our place? Is it to be at someone else's side, or to lead them? Are those truly the only two categories we may be sorted into?

Those who can't, coach.

So we're either leaders or followers. And if we're not one of those, then we're loners. But according to common knowledge of cliches, those who lone simply can't have proper social interactions. Who's gonna believe they just have different ideas? If Einstein was claustrophobic, if Newton refused to touch anything he didn't sanitize first, if George Washington had a sucky social life, what would people really say about them? What does genius amount to, anyway, if you can't find a use for it? And certainly you won't find a use for it, if no one will listen.

You never listen to a word I say.

Nah, baby doll. I listen to everything you say that isn't a word. Do you know why? Because you aren't conscious of what you say outside of words. I mean, who consciously says S.O.S. in Morse code while tapping their fingernails? Seriously. It's pathetic. Why would you express something that you thought no one else knew about you, if you knew you were saying it?

You are such a cliche.


I have NO idea! I mean, honestly. I just felt like writing, so I opened a document, and this... explodetated on the page. Probably a ripoff of this entry in my poetry journal, before I realized that I was over the guy I was talking about.

Whoa, dude. I'd be a crappy philosopher. Nothing I said would ever make sense. I mean, honestly, look at that... poo, dude. Makes me scared for what will happen when I'm the first female president.