Rebecca and the Vampire

By: Amy Platz

Chapter 1

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Rebecca who believed in vampires. She had no friends because they all thought she was crazy. I now would like to tell the story of Rebecca Laurence.

It was the night before Halloween, Rebecca's favorite holiday because she got to go out and search for vampires. No one believed in them except her. She didn't mind being the only odd one in her neighborhood because she loved vampires more than anything else did in the world. She was determined to find one tomorrow and show the world that vampires were real. She set off on her search at 5:00 pm, an hour before treat or treating would start. Her mom thought that she was walking to her grandmother's house so she could go trick or treating with her, but she was wrong! She was actually going on a search for vampires. When Rebecca left her house, she immediately ran for her life away from her grandmother's house. She didn't want her mom to find out where she was. When she reached the graveyard, she started looking for any sign of a vampire. After ten minutes of looking, she found nothing. Then, all of a sudden, she heard something behind her. She turned and saw nothing. She started to look again, but still found nothing. Next, she found some sort of old temple or church. She went to the door and discovered that it was an old temple built two hundred years ago. She tried to open the door, but it wouldn't budge. Then, all of as sudden, it opened! She didn't even push it and it opened! She was amazed. She slowly entered the old temple. After walking down a long hallway, she discovered an old coffin covered in dust. She found a broom and dusted it off. On the lid it said something. She read it out loud. "Thee who reads this will awake me, Prince Valoosh, from my dead sleep. Thee then will be punished!" She wasn't afraid at all, but what happens next actually sent a shiver up her spine.