Chapter 2

Then, all of a sudden, Rebecca heard a creaking noise behind her. When she turned around, she saw nothing. When she returned her glance at the coffin, it was open and there was nothing in it! " HAHAHAHAHA! You have awoken Prince Valoosh from my dead sleep! I thank you, but now you must die!" Screamed Prince Valoosh. "What? I didn't do anything!" Cried Rebecca. "Oh really my child?" "Yes! You have to believe me! I didn't do anything!" Cried Rebecca even louder than before. "Men, get her!" Then, out of nowhere, mummies came out of the wall. Rebecca, shivering with fear, ran to her grandmother's house as fast as she could. When she reached her grandmother's house, it was getting very dark. She noticed that there were no lights on in her house. She slowly walked up her grandmother's slippery steps and rang the doorbell. When no one answered, she rang again. When no one answered again, she went inside. The whole house was lit up with candles. She wondered what her grandmother was doing. "Nana? Are you home?" Asked Rebecca. No one answered her question. She started to walk towards her grandmother's room. When she reached the door, she noticed that there was a dim light coming from under it. She knocked. "What do yee want?" Screamed a familiar voice. "Um...Nana? Is that you?" Asked Rebecca quietly. All, of a sudden, the door opened, and what she saw was frightening. "AHHHHHHH!" Screamed Rebecca. "Who are you?"