It is time

To leave these things


These things

That held such a

Familiar comfort

A noble quest

That seems like

A journey to hell

I would ask when this all

Happened, but

I know

I know that it happened

In between college acceptance

And tragic pregnancies

When I changed

And you changed

And we didn't see eye to eye

You think that I'm snobby

Theses days

And I cannot condone

The things you do

For fun

The things that are

Slowly killing you

You can't see my point

And I can no longer watch


Destroying yourself

Which makes you seem worse


We know that's not the case

You've done so many

Wonderful things

For me

For your sister

But you seem to be fading from

The present

Into an obscure past

That holds no opportunity

For a future

I know that

Horrible things have happened

To both of us

But please,

Don't shrink away

From who you really are

A light

A beacon that

Has always guided my actions

I love you girl

You're my greatest friend

Please don't let yourself

Be overshadowed by the

Doubts of the future

Or the haunts of the past

Your stronger than that

I know.

Your never alone

If you need help

All you have to is reach out

And grab my hands


That will always pull you out

Of whatever darkness may come


I am here