'Broken Ecstasy'

By: Moonjava

Edited By: Diedre N. Flora

The rain nuzzled down clammy hands
Which outstretched on the asphalt ground.
Once luminous olive colored eyes
Were now diluted with bleak resemblance
Of who the boy was before death had claimed him.

Zachary had always been attractive,
With a nymph like body structure
And a weightless feel
To the most tender parts of his body.

He had been loved by many,
But hate had taken him away.

Tolerance -

Does that word mean something any more?

A low sob was heard from a young man
Who was sitting on the curb
Of the hip hop club called 'Venus'.

A small group of people
Watched with watery eyes
As they came by to pay respects
For someone who cared enough
to teach about loving each other.

But one man stood out from the crowd,

Trembling lips and blood-shot eyes from

Everlasting tears -

With ebony shoulder length hair and cinnabar colored eyes,
His masculine features had at once become deteriorated with grief
When he saw his lover's lifeless body on the floor.

Why was it that parents and adults taught hate?
It just didn't make any sense.
It wasn't fair.

No one deserved to die this way,
Especially not Zachary.

Death -

Don't we all deserve some sort of comfort?
A place to love and be creative -
With all the pain and anger,
So many of our young people now die.

Time -

Is so empty when you can't share it
With the one person you love the most -

Ted had been pushed back by the police -
They didn't want him to look at the body;
It was all too horrible to see.

It was a hate crime,
That was plain enough to see.
Far too many people knew that Ted and Zachary were a couple

to be stupid enough to not know the cause of the death.
Ted didn't want to believe this was really happening.

He took hold of his legs and softly began to slowly rock himself,

As if trying to rid this moment from his mind,

And pretend that it was all a bad dream.