Son of Aros 2

Well people this is the final part which I have just gotten around to doing. Hope you like it. Give me any ideas on improvements, and what you would like to see?

Brach was bleeding from multiple cuts and bruises. His scales gleaming sweat, his body heaved from exertion. He cursed at the female dragon who had gone against the rules of the Dragon forest. Possibly endangering all of them. Humans were never any good. Look what happened to them when they grew up. His son Jeren was a loyal and faithful companion to the human Kira. Kira had used him to go to battle and had never returned.

He dragged himself to the lake and drank greedily. Aros was not badly hurt, but she had neck wounds and her flank suffered a nasty bruise to the intestine. Still the giants heal quickly if they are young, so she was not badly affected as the older one. As she landed at their cave where her child was, she heard loud protests.

They know what I have done. But Lexus, I couldn't leave him behind! She Thought back to them. Have we become like the villainous dragons of the stories and become ruthless, evil? I won't!

"Mother, you're hurt! Don't go and fight anymore! The boy was worried, touching her wounds. He began to cry in panic.

Son it is fine. I just need some first aid, bind my wounds tightly. Simultaneously the dragon showed him images how to accomplish this huge task. He was a fast learner-after some loose effort, he gradually made the cut. Griffin her mate stomped in. she sensed his surprise.

My dear. Rest here. It's such a commotion outside. We've not fought for years, he remarked. He nosed her neck. Aros kissed his snout. Brach may well die. Do you want that?

I could not kill my son. I can't have kids of my own. Why does our leader who upholds justice, advocate slaughter of children?—she responded, heart aching in grief. The blood soaked through and there was a slight twinge, but otherwise the healing process had begun. Despite her worries about the conflict, the Shedragon went into a peaceful slumber.

It was morning next when Aro awoke from her deep sleep. She walked over to where Lexus, the human, lay snoring still. Their body clocks were not made for them to rise early. She licked his freckled face.

Griffin was silent on the journey to the Council. Brach lay upon large bedding, golden eyes closed. His servant informed him of their arrival.

He spoke tiredly, 'Do you still refuse to surrender the boy?' The effort to shift his head was terrible. Numerous burns on his stomach flanks, parched throat. He beckoned the servant to give him more water.

Before her mate could reply, Aros cried that she would not give up her child!

Brach laughed weakly. His body oozed pus and more blood. Lexus covered his face. 'You've inflicted quite a damage. It was a worthy sparring. I'm getting on in years and need a successor. Very well, you may keep him. But the boy must not go back to the human world.' He heaved in breaths and choked. The servant pushed them out. The last thing they saw of the wonderful leader was his collapse onto the pillow.

The royal physician, who was small and a bright blue, said he didn't hold much hope to dace his life. He would die soon from over-exertion. Just now he'd suffered a heart attack. Aros felt guilty. Brach resigned from his leader position. Aros brought her son to the rest. They became less resistant to his cute and adorable personality. Lexus was helpful all the time. A tiny chap, though by now he'd reached his 16th year.

The retired leader deteriorated, barely recognizing anyone. His eyes were glazed by a hazy film of age and he never recovered from his wounds. He should have died that day, but perhaps he could not rest, not trusting the new one to run the country. Shrunken in size from illness, he was a shadow of his former robust self, hanging on by a tooth and claw. His speech was too slurred to understand. So day by day he lay on his stomach, head on some roughly hewn pillows.

Lexus came in cautiously. He'd not told Aros about this, as she would discourage him. But he wanted to take a closer look at this wise creature and find what ailed him. Why didn't he rest in peace? Brach came to, feeling eyes rest on his. Fear arrested the old one.

"No no I won't harm you. what is wrong?" the boy said, placing his hand on the wizen skin. Brach's sweat intensified, with his breathing. His body went into overdrive. He could not believe the human had come so close and not wished to kill him.

He tried to call the guards, but the effort was too much. He lay his great head down. I have no heir and no strength left to see to this. I can't trust you. why.. why do you come if not to gloat? – Brach asked, for this mode of communication was the only one left to him. He rested after this.

The child reassured him he would tell the ministers this matter. He came back after a while, sat by him. Brach felt comforted by his presence. He never shrank away from the pungent smells of his age. For a few days, Brach recovered and managed to give a speech about the tournament of fighting. Who won in this would be the official leader. The old dragon was able to stay for the event and watch.

However he took a turn for the worse once more and fainted when the sun got too hot. Three ministers accompanied him into his cave. He panted and shivered. "Oh no he's suffered from a serious sunburn. Quickly! Get him an immediate supply of water!" the main doc cried. Some flew to the Lake. His lips were cracked, and he was giddy. Death was approaching. His father, Brachus Achilles smiled at him.

Soon, father. When I have settled who will take over as my heir. Let me stay, a little longer. Lexus rubbed a cool cloth over his bleeding stomach. "You won't die. You're just ill."

How naïve he was. Now stricken, the old one could no longer speak or telepathize, his mind was a blank. But silently the patient thanked him in his heart. Some water came to his nostrils and he licked feebly. The time dragged on. Brach's heartbeat got slower and slower. Lexus did not leave his side and the nurses administered herbal relief and wiped his sweat. He just wanted to hold on till the result of the tournament came out.

Dimly in his floating unconsciousness, he heard the mother of the boy call his name and say something. She nuzzled his fore. He opened tired eyes and swiveled round to survey the room. Most of his people had come. "Brach, the new leader is Syncros. Do you consent?" Ubos announced.

Yes. The boy spoke on his behalf. Brach passed out from strain. but before he passed into the next world of slumber, he told Aros he was coming back. His legacy must be finished. Now he had to reserve some of his little energy.

Brach's closest companion read out his speech. Amongst the words were for Lexus, that he would be advisor to Syncros. She wept. He had come around. No humans would die now.

A request for her to go to him.

Brach felt cold and hot chills. The signs of a cardiac overhaul. He gasped for air, turned on his side. Better for a while. The female coming in looked like his mother. He shook his head to clear it.

I heard the speech. Thank you. You may rest now. we will do our best to rule in your interest, she told him, crying.

Weep not for me. I can finally go home, to our ancestral lands. I am not going to hurt so much anymore. These days have been very taxing on all the medical staff- I should have died early. But I guess I could not, yet. Not till I spent some time with the boy. He really isn't that bad. The old one coughed hard. His heart shuddered. Hands spread over his chest,a hot band squeezed so hard. No movement was possible. Darkness washed in. His father smiled, putting a paw on his back. A welcome nudge.

Brach heard the child weep. He was wrong about him then. He was not an unkind boy. He could trust the humans. The iron band was permanent around his chest, like a chain. Lexus sniffled. Aros asked him to let go. Let go so that he could finally be painless. He nodded and hugged his neck.

"Go Brave fearless one. Fly high and strong!" Lexus said. Brach broke the band. The eyes widened once and then shut, never to open again. His last breath wheezed out with the final thump of the heart. Brach had given up his spirit.

He was always stubborn and strong headed. But he had reigned for 2500 years. It was good that he had found a successor and left in peace and with his blessing. Lexus acted as ambassador between both worlds. The start of Syncros's reign was a democratic one, humans came in and out freely. The fantasy had become real.