This is like, my totally cool and original essay that I wrote for school. Okay, it's not, I really wrote it after listening to Bill O' Reilly for four straight hours and getting pissed off. It's about how gays have no rights and are oppressed in America. Sure, they can live together. Sure, there are no laws against their relationships, but some people in social settings seem to disagree with them. I think we should legislate social opinion to stop this intolerance.

My Opinions Concerning Homosexuality and Gay Marriage

It's very bad when I see family or friends disagreeing with behaviors and lifestyles they find immoral. Why the hell do they have opinions that conflict with mine? I thought this was a free country! I suspect that displays of gay support by 14 year old left-wing girls is just part of the cool new fad where it's cool to like someone based purely on race/ religion/ sexual preference/ gender/ transgender/ size/ age/ handicap/ handicapability/ and any other stereotype they want to warm up to make themselves feel more tolerant than they really are.

That's the way it should be, anyway.

Now, one thing I should get off my chest right now is that I don't know jack shitabout the legalities and politics involved in gay marriages. I will, therefore, continue to ramble on about why it should be legal.

I can't stand when people bring their morals into it, saying that their "god" tells them it's wrong (as always, my quotations do indeed stop the god in question from being the deity of a particular religion. I will also continue to withhold capital letters for titles such as 'God', 'Christ', and even names such as 'Jesus' just so you know that I REALLY mean business). All this discussion of "god" (NOTICE THE QUOTES?!11) annoys me. All churches should be burned because they are infested with intolerant sheep that have false ideas of their own superior intellect.

Much gay support exists due to people not minding their own business, but that's a good thing. Many gay rights activists have an ability to push individuals into prying into the affairs of others. It is good that us gay supporters are trying to help others. We must, instead of going by our own standards and keeping out of other people's lives and beliefs, force religious people to do what we think is right. If a politician does not want to legalize gay marriage because of personal beliefs, he is an intolerant dictator, and must be made to.

Though they are completely wrong about everything, some stupid Christian Republicans (because there's no such thing as a non-Christian one) say things like this:

'It is unfortunate that support for the freedom to believe as one chooses and militant gay rights activism are usually linked. In truth, both are completely incompatible.'

But what do they know, right?!