.:: Innocence ::.

Her tears falling into darkness,
draining away as she cries.
Watching from afar he sees,
her pain engulfs him as he dies.

Together in the end they fall,
never will the truth be clear.
She holds his heart to the end,
as he welcomes his final tear.

In this world, preconceptions are a curse on society. The majority gather as one to predefine what we call an acceptable existance. In the end, we all die, we all die as equals, but it's when we're living, when the majorities down cast those they don't understand into a place they choose to forget. But still then, in death, some still refuse to die equal. Death is never justified, or so we liked to think.

Epilogue:I wrote this as a prologue to a story I'm writing. This won't be one of my smaller stories, it'll be in the 100's of thousands of words, so it won't be available for some time. But I felt like sharing this little bit of it. I've had this idea in my head for some time, and I'd be dishonouring myself if I didn't get it out. I owe myself that much at least.