"Final Insight on The Phony Life".

Yes ma'am, she's trashyfilmROYALTY. A collection of modelfeatures complete with the SWEETESTSmile. She travells, she parties, she flirts; she deceits, she tricks, while triumphing regardless. ITS THE MONEY, fame and the fortune. It's the CONSEQUENCES and the lies. SHE MANIPULATES and wins. SHE IS SHOWCASE BEAUTIFUL in the most tasteless of ways. Boys whisper, Men attempt, none can win. Clouded by an upbringing of immorality and corruption, her 00 figure is only worth the photos& the jealousy. TO THE RICH, she is now. TO THE WISE, she is what NOTtobe. What NOTtosay. What NOTto believe in. THEY KNOW BETTER. Rationality in its supremacy, and she is hastily arraigned. Caught in her act- because nothing's so FLAWLESS once the glass case is removed.