Gaze upon its evil waters

Look at all the sons and daughters

Who perished at a tender age

Precious bodies in a hell bound cage

Time is short, the sun is rising

Soon we all will be dying

Hurry up and dive in

The wicked waves will take your sin

Along with your flesh and bone

All your friends must atone

For their pride before they die

An ungodly oversupply

Repentless sinners equal materialistic winners

But are spiritual losers who strive to cover the bruises

On their morality

They must die

Hate them all

Makes me cry

When they fight

Amongst themselves

Send them all

Straight to hell

Kill 'em all, watch them fall

Into a pool of their own blood

Soaked in red, caved in head

On your floor, not sure he's dead

Still draws breath, you choke his throat

Begins to gag, then you know

His eyes turn glossy, then roll back

Into his skull, then another attack

To the face, empty space

Brain was there and now it's taste

Is fresh in your mouth, making you doubt all Christians who are missing out

On this feast, for the beast, 666 motherfuckers please!

I've just been released and I need a priest

To bless me, caress me when I'm on my knees

To absolve my sins and molest my kin

To set free the demon caged within

So I can be eternally free in heaven and hell and on the streets

A place I can see, evil and mean men walking along the streams

Of tears and pain and blood it seems, they're never dry

And in my dreams they fry in hell and supply the smell

Of burning flesh within a cell of pure hellfire

Sickly desire to hear a choir of rape and devastation

To get higher to Satan

The only angel on earth

The creature that gave birth

To carnal pleasure and pain

And it's his dark reign

That's kept us alive so long

And keeps are humanity strong

So the weak never inherit

And we must never share it

With the light and the son

Together the evil has won!