Hello young child who has not a name
Why do you cry on this beautiful day?
Why do you hide from the warmth of the sun,
Under the darkness and in the deep cold?

Hello young child who feels inner pain
You never smile or say it's ok.
You're all bottled up and frosty outside
Come on out, it's alright to cry.

Hello young child with the emotionless mask
Every word you speak you hide yourself,
Your eyes are distant, your thoughts are dim,
Make the world go away with the drop of a pin.

Hello young child I see you now
Time tells all of what you've been through
You rejected kindness and clung to the bad
Then wept in the dark for all your lost friends.

Hello young child and never good bye.
You've hurt me you know, but I'm still by your side.
Just reach out and tell me, I'll be your friend.
But will you do that? Is the question in the end.