ByMegan Elspeth Steinke

The 16-year-old walked along the halls of her old school; she hadn't been here since the day she found out about her old teacher. She walked to a room. The room was small and the carpet was peeling and had a few stains on it. She laughed, "We all did so much in this room… So many things happened here, both good and bad."

A shy little girl walked into the room. There were other kids there and a teacher. The teacher had graying hair and looked nice. She looked at the girl, "Are you here for GT?"

The girl nodded but didn't say anything. She sat at one of the tables and pulled out a book. She sat there for a few minutes reading before the teacher called the class to attention, "Ok, we're going to be studying ancient Egypt and China for this year."

"China and Egypt. That was a fun year. I like what we did at the end."

"Hey, did you hear what we're doing for the end of the year in GT?"

"No, what?" The two girls whispered excitedly to each other.

"We're going to have a feast of Egyptian and Chinese food. We get to eat with chopsticks and act and stuff. It's gonna be fun!"


"It was fun. All the food and other stuff."

The two girls looked around them and gasped. The cafeteria had been changed into a huge festival it seemed like. They both knew this was going to be something they would always remember. They grabbed the others hand and walked down. Both of them wearing matching costumes. They had come as Cleopatra.

They eat and talked. Acted and had a good time. Wishing it would never end.

"But like all good things it never lasts."

"This year we'll be studying Rome and Greece. Yes, Megan?"

"Will we be doing what we did at the end of last year?"

"Yes. Anything else?"

One of the boys raised their hand, "Are we going to talk more about Egypt? I mean since Rome and Egypt had a lot of stuff going on between them once Cleopatra and Antony hooked up."

"Yes we will talk a little more about Egypt because of it relationship with Rome. Anything else?"

"I like the play we did for her."

"The same as we always play?"

"Yeah. You're good at playing Antony."

The 10-year-old raised an eyebrow, "Are you saying I should have been a boy?"

"No. You're just better at playing them." The other girl yelped seeing the flames in her friend's eyes.

"Fine. Whatever. Get in your costume."

The two girls pulled on their costume and walked into the room. Some of the kids giggled at them but they just kept walking.

"We're going to act out the scene were Antony finds Cleopatra "dead" and kills himself. Only to find out she wasn't dead. When Cleopatra sees this she really does kill herself. So yeah, it's not going to be the best but we hope you like it."

The first girl walked off and waited until the other girl was lying on the ground before coming.

"Cleopatra! What has caused you to slay thyself? My love…" at this point the girl started to blush, "My love why? What was so bad? I can not live with out thy so I shall slay myself." She took out a cardboard sword and 'stabbed' herself in the stomach, "Wait for me my love in heaven."

Just then the other girl stirred. She got up and looked at the other girl and gasped, "Oh Antony! You were not to know of this. My poor love. I am sorry my love. Please don't leave me for I will soon be with you. Where are my apples" The girl looked around then grabbed an empty basket and pretended to take a snake out, "Now with this snake I shall rid myself of this world." With that she moved her right arm over her left arm and made it look like she had been bitten .She 'died' and leaned over the other girl's body.

The teacher clapped, "Thank you Megan, Megan, that was good and I'm glad we were able to see it before the school year ended."

The two Megans smiled and muttered a thank you to her.

"The next year we did invention and… I think it was just that."

"If you're going to the fair make sure to have your inventions ready."

"I can't get mine to work"

"What's not working?"

"I can't get this on to the hat."

"Here, I'll try."


"But there were a few of us that couldn't go to the fair, remember."

"Oh yeah. I was one of them."

"Yeah but at she let us do our own mini one."

"Yeah, she was nice."

"So, who do you think will win here?"

"I don't know. We'll just have to wait 'til all the votes come in."

"Yeah. I really don't think my remember hat is going to win. It was a bad idea. And I have a good head, just bad ideas."

"When it comes to stuff like this yes, but not other stuff. Now stop worrying about it and wait."

"Who won that?"

"I don't remember."

"The next year was her last here."

"Yeah, Harry Potter book five. You kept reading ahead."

"I always do. I remember that was the year I was always yelling at her…"

"One of the other kids rubbed the girls back as she started to cry, "Yeah but you helped out a lot with that year too because of how much about Harry Potter you knew."

"Yeah you were a great help with the two sleep overs."


'"Yeah, sorry for losing so many house points that first time."

"We still would have lost, and it was all for fun."

Ravenclaw is going to win this time! So don't try to cheat, we'll be watching."

"Yeah, as Prefects we have a higher rank then you house boy so you should behave."

"And don't think Potter or any of the others are going to get you out of this one."

"Whatever. Come on guys."

The three Ravenclaws laughed as the other kids walked away, "Come on we had better get to our first class."

"First class, we really did turn this place into Hogworts didn't we?"

"Yeah but I like the other one. The one with Grawp."

"He was huge. Why did we make him life size?"

"I don't know. That it would be better."

"Good point."

"He's too big!"

"Quite. No one else is going to find out about him yet."

"But he's too big!"

"Oh well. Is his arm on yet?"


"It's the last thing we need."

The girl finished putting on the arm, "He's alive! Alive! Well ok he's done."



"Nothing, now where are we going to put him?"

"I'll ask." One of the three left and came back a few minutes, "She said to leave him up here and bring her down." She said pointing towards the other one they had made.

"Ok whatever, lets go."

"You're under arrest for being a stupid headmistress and almost killing Harry Potter."

"Shut up!"

"Sorry. Hey why don't we hide behind her and make it seem like she's real."

"No way!"


"That was it. That was the last year she was here."

"But we did run into her a few times though, the next year. She was at some of the school things, but not really anything memorable."


Everyone but the first girl left leaving her alone. She took a look around the room before closing her eyes, "We'll all miss you Mrs.D. You helped us all with something. Thanks for helping me start to write." She wiped her eyes and left, turning off the light and closing the door.

This story is from all of Mrs. Josephine Donnelly's students from Webster Open School. We'll all miss her and I hope she could read this before she died. These are all things she did with us. She helped each of us with things we had trouble with. A list of her students by first name is at the end of this. We'd just like to say that we're sad to see her leave all of us. We hope her family does okay and gets through it. She was a huge player in all of our lives at Webster and we missed her when she left and we'll miss her even more when she passes away.













Mai Chu














I'm sorry if I didn't list you but with how long she's been at Webster it's hard to know just who was in one of her classes. Mrs.D taught Gifted and Talented in my old school. She made friends with a lot of the students that she would help. As I said before we'll all miss her.

This story is so she can live on once those she taught are gone too. If even one person reads it then she'll live on in that person's mind. So please just read this story and remember that everything is a memory and you have to help those who can't do it themselves to live on by telling them. You don't have to review because this doesn't continue. Her story is done when she dies but her story stays alive with this story.