.:: Forgotton ::.

I keep asking the light, what I supposed to learn.
I keep wondering what lessons I should see.
No matter how hard I try, or where I look.
I'm never in the right place, just being me.

I thought I knew the road, where I was going.
All I knew was a lie, an illusion of happiness.
I'm in a more secure place now, but it feels wrong.
They tell me I'm right, so why is it killing me.

I was happy in the lie, but I can't go back.
Looking forward into fate, I see a truth.
One is to be content, if one is hollow and dead.
It's not like I'm not used to it, it was life.

Strange though, the only life I've loved wasn't real.
I don't care though, it was there, it was a life.
Gone, soon forgotton, furute unknown and unclear.
Love irrelivant, hope ignored, fate obsure, in all...

what now?