The image of mine, t has been passed down on to me from my granmother


This heart of mine has grown from a seed of genetics and has bloomed

in a house of love, generosity, and care

This hair of mine, grows as a symbol of unity between two groups

of people

This voice of mine, sings the words that come from the mind

strong and true

Me, I come from a passionate pair and have grown to atch the sun

joyful and free


Take my hand and watch my feet

dance with me to the songs of life

ever changing, growing salsa mambo cha! cha! cha!

hold my hand and follow me into the sun

bright heat, joyful, peaceful light

feel your soul fly and dance in the sky

heritage? history? past?

we are the now, the living, the free willing

taking the time to thank your ancestors

remembering, wondering, questioning, appreciating, listening

thanking those who danced before us, showed us the way

we are the new, the tomorrow, the future for the past


take my hand . . .

Thank you mama! Thank you Papa!

thank you got for having me on earth

and bringing me to life.

thank you

thank you